News from June 2013

PCMark coming to Android, iOS and Windows RT

June 25, 2013

Building on the positive reaction to PCMark 8 Professional Edition, our recently released benchmark for Windows, we are excited to announce that we are bringing the PCMark experience to Android, iOS and Windows RT too.

Like its Windows counterpart, PCMark for mobile platforms will feature benchmark tests based on common use scenarios. By focusing on the activities and tasks that smartphone and tablet owners perform every day, PCMark mobile will provide a view of real-world system performance and battery life for modern mobile devices. 

As with all our benchmarks, we will create PCMark mobile with the insights and expertise of the world's leading technology companies. We're now inviting interested mobile manufacturers to join our Benchmark Development Program (BDP). Members will have the opportunity to provide input at all stages of benchmark development in addition to receiving regular development builds and complimentary site licenses. 

The PCMark Mobile Benchmark Development Program will complement our existing PCMark Windows BDP which counts Acer, AMD, Compal, Condusiv Technologies, Dell, HGST, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate and Western Digital as members.

Technology companies operating in the mobile industry are invited to apply for Benchmark Development Program membership now

PCMark 8 Professional Edition now available

June 4, 2013

Ideal for testing new processors from AMD and Intel

Today sees that start of Computex, one of the largest computer shows of the year. Hundreds of technology companies will be exhibiting new products, but for many the most exciting event is the launch of new Intel and AMD processors.

Coinciding with these new products, we are officially launching PCMark 8 Professional Edition today. In fact, members of the press were given copies last week so you will see PCMark 8 scores appearing in their reviews already.

Designed around common scenarios in the home and office, PCMark 8 is an essential benchmark for the latest Windows 8 notebooks, tablets and desktop PCs, especially those powered by new AMD Richland and Intel Haswell processors. PCMark 8 Professional Edition is licensed for commercial use and is intended for business, press and industry users. PCMark 8 Basic Edition and PCMark 8 Advanced Edition will be released later in June.

PCMark 8 - The Complete Benchmark for Windows

PCMark 8 includes five new benchmark tests, each designed to highlight real-world performance differences in common computing scenarios.

Home, Creative and Work benchmarks

These three benchmark tests reflect the most common computer usage patterns - light home use, demanding media and entertainment activities, and typical office productivity tasks. Each benchmark includes a series of workloads covering activities such as web browsing, writing, photo editing, video chat, gaming and other tasks.

Applications benchmark

The PCMark 8 Applications benchmark is one of the most exciting new features in PCMark 8. This test measures system performance using popular applications from the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. You can choose which tests to run based on the applications installed on your system.

Storage benchmark

The PCMark 8 Storage benchmark is ideal for testing the performance of SSDs, HDDs and hybrid drives. Using traces recorded from Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and a selection of popular games, PCMark 8 Storage highlights real-world performance differences between storage devices. 

Battery life testing in PCMark 8

For the first time in the PCMark series, PCMark 8 combines performance benchmarking with battery life testing. Choose Battery Life mode to loop the Home, Creative, Work or Applications benchmark until the battery is almost empty to accurately measure battery life under real-world conditions. 

PCMark 8 editions and pricing

PCMark 8 Professional Edition is licensed for business and commercial use and is available now from our website priced at USD $1495.00.

PCMark 8 Basic Edition (free) and PCMark 8 Advanced Edition (USD $49.95), designed for home use, will be released later in June.

To find out more, visit the PCMark 8 page or ask us a question in our forums.



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