News from October 2013

PCMark 8 arrives on Steam

October 21, 2013

PCMark 8 is now available to download and buy from Steam.

PCMark 8 combines performance benchmarking, battery life testing, a dedicated benchmark for SSDs and HDDs, and real-world tests using popular applications from Adobe and Microsoft. It's a complete benchmark for anyone who wants to get the more out of their hardware.  

PCMark 8 includes five new benchmark tests, each designed around a typical use scenario. Choose the benchmark that best matches your needs, or run all five for a complete picture of your PC's performance. Each benchmark produces a score you can use to compare systems as well as detailed results you can use to gain a deep understanding of system performance.

The Home, Creative, and Work tests reflect the most common computer uses: light home use, demanding media and entertainment activities, and typical office productivity tasks. The Applications benchmark is a real-world test of system performance using popular applications from Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. The Storage benchmark is ideal for testing SSDs, HDDs and hybrid drives, highlighting the real-world performance differences between devices. You can use the Home, Creative, Work and Applications benchmarks to test battery life too.

PCMark 8 costs $49.95, but can be bought from Steam for $37.49 (25% off) for a limited time. When you buy PCMark 8 from Steam you get easy installation and automatic updates. You can move your Advanced Edition key freely between the Steam and the stand-alone version. Please see our Steam FAQ for further details.

Buy PCMark 8 from Steam - 25% off for a limited time

  • Includes all five benchmarks plus battery life tests.
  • Benchmark with Adobe & Microsoft applications.
  • Test your SSD or HDD with the Storage test.
  • Measure the battery life of your tablet or notebook.
  • Run individual workloads to fine-tune your system.
  • Get in-depth hardware monitoring graphs.
  • Automatically save your results offline.

Buy PCMark 8 from Steam

Buy PCMark 8 from Steam

Or download PCMark 8 Basic Edition for free

  • Includes the Home, Creative and Work benchmarks.
  • Easy to use, no technical know-how needed.
  • Free online account to manage your results.

Click Download Demo on the Steam store page to get PCMark 8 Basic Edition. Alternatively, you can also get PCMark 8 Basic Edition from one of our mirror download partners.

PCMark 8 v1.2.157 release notes

Benchmark scores are not affected by this update.


  • Basic and Advanced Editions now available.
  • You can now submit and save scores online.


  • Various UI improvements.

3DMark comes to Windows RT

October 14, 2013

On October 22, Microsoft releases Surface 2, the second iteration of its Windows RT tablet. It's thinner, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, but how will the Surface 2 compare with the latest Android and iOS devices?

Luckily, there's a benchmark for that! 3DMark is now available as a free app for Windows RT devices from the Windows Store. It includes the same benchmark tests as the Android and iOS editions making accurate cross-platform benchmarking easy and fast. 

3DMark Ice Storm is a DirectX 11 feature level 9 benchmark, (the modern equivalent of DirectX 9), for testing Windows RT tablets and notebooks. It includes two 720p Graphics tests designed to stress graphical (GPU) performance and a Physics test to stress processing (CPU) performance. 

Ice Storm Extreme raises the Graphics tests' rendering resolution to 1080p and uses higher quality textures and post-processing effects to create a more demanding load for the latest mobile devices.

Ice Storm Unlimited is a different type of benchmark, one designed to test the raw performance of the underlying hardware. Use Ice Storm Unlimited to compare different chipsets, CPUs and GPUs without vertical sync, display resolution scaling and other operating system factors affecting the result.

3DMark for Windows RT

PCMark 8 update adds Windows 8.1 compatibility

October 10, 2013

We've released an update for PCMark 8 Professional Edition that enables Windows 8.1 compatibility, introduces new options for testing OpenCL, and adds detailed hardware monitoring graphs. 

PCMark 8 includes five benchmark tests covering a variety of scenarios from home to business use. There is a dedicated Storage benchmark for testing SSDs and HDDs and an Applications benchmark that uses Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. PCMark 8 also includes battery life testing tools.

While this update only applies to PCMark 8 Professional Edition, the good news is that it clears the way for PCMark 8 Basic and Advanced, which we now expect to release within the next couple of weeks.

PCMark 8 Professional Edition v1.1.111

This update adds compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11, introduces new options for testing OpenCL, and adds detailed hardware monitoring graphs.

  • Scores from the Work, Storage and Applications benchmarks are not affected by this update.
  • Scores from the Home and Creative benchmarks should not be compared with scores from previous versions of PCMark 8 due to the addition of new run modes for those tests.

PCMark v1.1.111 uses a new installer. If your system has an older version of PCMark 8 installed, you should manually uninstall it using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel before installing this update. You should also manually uninstall SystemInfo.


  • The Home and Creative benchmarks now offer a choice of run modes.
    • Conventional mode does not use OpenCL, reflecting how the majority of software works today.
    • Accelerated mode uses OpenCL acceleration, anticipating how software will work in the future.
  • New interactive graphs show hardware monitoring data from each benchmark run.


  • Progress windows now show estimated time for each test.
  • SystemInfo scan is now at least 50% faster.


  • Compatible with Windows 8.1.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 11.
  • SystemInfo updated to v4.21 for improved compatibility with the latest hardware.
  • New troubleshooting options for OpenCL device selection in Help tab.


  • Fixed an issue in the Web Browsing test that could cause the test to hang.
  • Fixed an issue with Video Chat and Video Group Chat showing empty windows.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Video Chat tests to return inaccurate results.
  • Fixed a crash on 32 bit versions of Windows.



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