News from October 2014

PCMark for Android available now

October 27, 2014

A better benchmark for smart phones and tablets

PCMark for Android benchmark for smart phones and tablets

Our new PCMark for Android benchmark is now available to download from Google Play. PCMark for Android is a free app without ads, in-app purchases, or other restrictions. 

  • Measure the performance of the whole device, not isolated components.
  • Tests based on everyday activities, not abstract algorithms. 
  • Scores reflect real-world performance, not unachievable maximums.
  • Tests use real applications and native APIs whenever possible.
  • See every test in action instead of watching progress bars.
  • Our guide tells you exactly what is being measured and how scores are calculated.

This first release of PCMark for Android includes the Work benchmark, which can be used to measure both performance and battery life. Use Work to see how well your device handles everyday tasks such as browsing the web, watching videos, working with documents, and editing photos.

PCMark for Android also shows you how your device's CPU clock frequency, CPU average usage, temperature and battery charge level changed while the benchmark was running.

With detailed hardware monitoring, you'll see how newer devices are able to run the benchmark using lower CPU clock frequencies than older, less powerful devices, which can, in turn, lead to improved battery life. 

You can already compare the performance and battery life of many of the latest and most popular devices in the app and on our website. 

Download PCMark for Android

PCMark for Android is a free Android benchmark app available from Google Play.

Download PCMark for Android benchmark from Google Play

PCMark for Android Professional Edition

The Professional Edition adds the ability to automate your benchmarking using adb (Android Debug Bridge). PCMark for Android Professional Edition single user and site licenses are available.

Fire Strike Ultra - World's first 4K Ultra HD benchmark

October 13, 2014

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra 4K Ultra HD benchmark

Post updated October 14, 2014 to add 3DMark Windows v1.4.778 release notes

The buzz around 4K gaming continues to grow, but can the latest hardware really deliver? And are the extra pixels worth the extra cost?

To answer those questions, we've created Fire Strike Ultra, the world's first 4K Ultra HD benchmark, available now in 3DMark Advanced Edition and 3DMark Professional Edition. Sorry Basic Edition users, you'll need to upgrade if you want to run Fire Strike Ultra.

Fire Strike Ultra renders the test content at 3840 x 2160 (4K Ultra HD) before scaling the output to your PC's display resolution. This means you don't need a 4K monitor to run Fire Strike Ultra, though you will need a GPU with at least 3 GB of dedicated memory. 

You will be able to search for and compare Fire Strike Ultra scores for different hardware configurations on our website. And naturally, there's a dedicated Fire Strike Ultra leaderboard in the Futuremark Hall of Fame.

3DMark v1.4.775

This is a major update that adds Fire Strike Ultra, the world's first 4K Ultra HD benchmark. Fire Strike Ultra is available to run in 3DMark Advanced Edition and 3DMark Professional Edition.


  • Added Fire Strike Ultra, a new 4K Ultra HD benchmark test. You don't need a 4K monitor to run Fire Strike Ultra, though you will need a GPU with at least 3 GB of dedicated memory. 


  • New design for main benchmark selection screen.
  • Improved benchmark logging to assist customer support.


  • 3DMark is now more robust when there is a problem identifying or monitoring the hardware in the system.

Professional Edition only

  • You can now set command line options within .3dmdef files.
  • Minor syntax changes to the .3dmdef definition files. You may need to update your existing scripts if using automation. See Command Line Guide for details. 
  • Added command line logging options.
  • Command line progress logging now includes workload names and loop numbers.
  • Removed empty log lines from command line output.

3DMark Windows v1.4.778

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are unaffected.


  • Fixed the "Workload Single init returned error message: bad lexical cast" issue affecting some systems.

3DMark Windows v1.4.780

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are unaffected.


  • Fixed the "No outputs found on DXGI adapter" issue affecting laptops with NVIDIA Optimus graphics switching technology.


Fire Strike Ultra is available now in the latest versions of 3DMark Advanced Edition and 3DMark Professional Edition. The Steam version of 3DMark updates automatically. The standalone will prompt you to download and install the update. 

Find out more and download 3DMark v1.4.778.

PCMark 8 v2.2.282 update released

October 2, 2014

PCMark 8 v2.2.282

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are not affected.


  • SystemInfo module updated to 4.30 for improved hardware compatibility with X99 platforms.


  • Fixed Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 compatibility issue that prevented After Effects test from running.

Professional Edition only

  • The command line application now checks software requirements only when needed. This enables you to run benchmarks on systems that do not meet all the requirements, for example, running the Storage benchmark on a virtualized system without DirectX 11 support.
  • New command line --pass option can be used to set the number of benchmark passes. See command line guide for details.


Record-breaking month for 3DMark world records

October 1, 2014

There's nothing overclockers like more than getting their hands on new hardware. With new Haswell-E processors and the X99 chipset from Intel and new Maxwell GPUs from NVIDIA, the world's top overclockers broke twenty-one 3DMark world records in September. We're pretty sure that's a record as well!

The Futuremark Hall of Fame is the only source of official 3DMark world record scores. It provides a fair and level playing field for the world's best overclockers to showcase their talents and a platform for manufacturers to promote the performance of their products.

Every Hall of Fame score is validated by Futuremark to ensure that it accurately reflects that system's true performance. Invalid benchmark scores from runs that have been manipulated or modified through software or system settings are excluded. 

There's one simple way to know for sure that a 3DMark score is valid: check its result details page on A banner at the top of the page will tell you if the score is valid. If the score is invalid, the banner will explain why. 

We'll be watching for more world record scores in our latest overclocking competition presented by Galax, the new name for Galaxy. Running until October 20, the contest guarantees 12 winners a place at the Galax GOC 2014 grand final overclocking event in China later this year. 

Visit the Futuremark Hall of Fame to see the world's best 3DMark scores and follow @3DMarkHoF on Twitter for new top 10 scores as they come in.



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