News from September 2015

GALAX GOC 2015 worldwide qualifier starts September 20

September 14, 2015

GALAX GOC 2015 Worldwide Qualifier Overclocking Competition

It's been almost 60 days since we last had a new 3DMark world record. A gap that long usually means that overclockers have reached the limits of today's cards. But now there's a new contender for world's fastest in the GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 GOC Edition, and a new worldwide contest for the best overclockers to show off their talent. Will new records be set? We hope so!

GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 GOC Edition - designed for extreme overclocking

The GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 GOC Edition is the only graphics card in existence designed explicitly for cryogenic overclocking. Part of the GALAX HOF series, it uses the best components available to make a graphics card capable of record breaking 3DMark Hall Of Fame scores. 

GALAX GOC 2015 Worldwide Qualifier Overclocking Competition

Secure your place at the GALAX GOC 2015 Grand Final overclocking event in Wuhan, China, including travel and accommodation, in an exclusive qualifying competition presented by GALAX and Futuremark. 

For four weeks, from September 20 to October 25, overclockers will be competing to submit the highest 3DMark scores in Fire Strike, Fire Strike Extreme, Fire Strike Ultra and 3DMark 11. The twelve contestants submitting the highest 3DMark scores will each win a place at the GOC 2015 Grand Final. And every week, all qualifying contestants have a lucky draw chance to win a GALAX Gamer SSD. For details of how to enter, please visit the GALAX GOC 2015 Worldwide Qualifier competition page

Apple vs Android insights from 3,000,000 results

September 9, 2015

With Apple expected to reveal a new iPhone model today, we figured it was an ideal time to dig deep into our 3DMark benchmark data and see what we could learn about the competition between Apple and Android. 

Working with more than three million 3DMark benchmark results from the last two years we've gathered some unique insights into one helpful infographic.

3DMark benchmark infographic Apple vs Android

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