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Before going any further, ensure that you have the latest version of 3DMark 11 installed and update if necessary.

Is 3DMark 11 compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, as long as SystemInfo 4.39 or later is installed. The Steam version of 3DMark 11 automatically includes this update. The standalone version requires you to manually install this update.

Is 3DMark 11 compatible with Windows 8/8.1?

Yes, as long as you are using the latest installer or have updated SystemInfo separately to 4.12 or later.

Why does the benchmark run so slowly? Why are my framerates so low?

Benchmarks are designed to place a heavy load on your PC to identify the weak points and bottlenecks in your hardware. When using high settings, particularly in 3DMark, it is sometimes the case that only small differences in visual quality can be seen from very large increases in the amount of processing required.

I ran 3DMark and got a score of P1020. What does "P" stand for?

In 3DMark 11 and 3DMark Vantage there are presets for different levels of performance. Each preset is represented by a letter. E = Entry preset, P = Performance preset, H = High preset (3DMark Vantage only) and X = Extreme preset.

Why are there Antec logos on the side of the vehicles in the High Temple scene and MSI logos on the sides of the submersibles in the Deep Sea scene?

The Antec and MSI logo placements are a special sponsorship arrangement. Advertising placements ensure that we can offer the free Basic Edition of the benchmark alongside the paid editions. The logos in the demo are replaced with our logos in Professional Edition.

Can the scores from 3DMark 11 be compared with other versions of 3DMark?

No. Each version of 3DMark is designed to measure the performance of a specific version of the DirectX graphics API and so scores cannot be compared across versions. We currently offer 3DMark Vantage for benchmarking DirectX 10 systems and 3DMark06 for DirectX 9. Additionally, we offer 3DMark for benchmarking older hardware using the DirectX 11 API. 3DMark Ice Storm for DirectX 9 level hardware, 3DMark Cloud Gate for DirectX 10 level hardware and 3DMark Fire Strike for DirectX 11 level hardware.

I have issues with the SystemInfo scan at the start with 3DMark 11 - how do I fix this?

First make sure you have the latest version of SystemInfo installed.

Alternatively you can try disabling SystemInfo scan by unticking "Scan SystemInfo" in the Help tab but do note that any results from such a run cannot be saved to 3dmark.com as they are missing information on the hardware configuration.

If you are getting a complete system hang during SystemInfo scan, ensure that HPET is enabled in your BIOS settings. SystemInfo requires HPET (High Precision Event Timer) to function. Also ensure that your motherboard BIOS is up to date.

I get a message "3DMark 11 GUI has stopped working" and 3DMark 11 fails to start.

3DMark 11 requires that Futuremark SystemInfo and NET Framework 4.0 are properly installed on your system. Also verify that the system service installed by Futuremark SystemInfo is not disabled in windows services. Versions prior to 1.0.4 also require Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 runtime to be installed.

I get a message "3DMark 11 GUI has stopped working" and 3DMark 11 fails to start and above suggestions do not fix the issue. I'm using Windows Vista. What to do?

This could be due to a missing Windows update that is required for DirectX 11 applications to run on Windows Vista. The update is available from Microsoft, here.

I can't seem to get SLI working correctly. How do I enable SLI in 3DMark 11?

3DMark 11 automatically takes advantage of multi-GPU configurations (SLI/Crossfire). Ensure that multi-GPU is enabled in the driver settings (NVIDIA driver updates are known to reset SLI to "disabled" when updating drivers, for example).

I am seeing a crash on 3-way/4-way SLI/Crossfire and I'm using 32-bit Windows. Help?

Minimum requirements are for single card configurations. Multi-GPU configurations require more RAM. 32-bit operating systems cannot address more than 4 GB of RAM and with each attached video card also reserving some of this address space, 3-way and 4-way configurations can run out of memory regardless of how much physical memory you have on the system. A 64-bit operating system is strongly recommended for multi-GPU configurations.

My Quad-Crossfire setup is showing less than 100% GPU utilization, what's up?

3DMark 11 automatically takes advantage of multi-GPU configurations (SLI/Crossfire). All recent AMD/ATI drivers do not to appear support Quad Crossfire with 3DMark 11. Catalyst 10.5e drivers are confirmed to work and more recent drivers may work. Please contact AMD for driver support and/or updated Crossfire profiles.

I get an error message "Workload Single init returned error message: DXGI call IDXGIFactory1::CreateSwapChain failed: The target window or output has been occluded. The application should suspend rendering operations if possible. DXGI_STATUS_OCCLUDED". Help?

This error indicates that some other application or background task attempted to draw something on the screen, occluding the 3DMark 11 full screen view. Unfortunately benchmark has to abort in this situation as the benchmark score would be negatively affected as 3DMark 11 no longer has exclusive access to the display. To solve the issue, please close all background applications and desktop widgets that may attempt to do so. Note that if you have detached the Windows Language Bar from the taskbar, it counts as such widget. Also pay special attention to any kind of 3D tweaking utilities, temperature/fan monitoring utilities, VPN and remote desktop applications or any applications that may draw a pop-up window on top of a full screen application,email and instant messaging software being most common examples.

As a general rule you should close all unneeded background applications before benchmarking to maximize available system resources. Background applications can negatively influence the benchmark score.

I get an error "The type initializer for "UiCore.Code.GraphicsDeviceCaps" threw an exception at launch or alternatively I get "No DirectX 11 support. Found feature level 10_1" (or 9_3)". What's up?

This indicates that 3DMark11 could not start up DirectX 11 graphics mode.

  • Verify that you actually have DirectX11 card (AMD Radeon HD 5xxx / HD 6xxx /HD 7xxx / HD 8xxx series, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 4xx / 5xx / 6xx series or later). If not, 3DMark 11 will not run on your system. Use 3DMark Ice Storm to benchmark DirectX 9 level cards and 3DMark Cloud Gate to benchmark DirectX 10 level cards. Alternatively 3DMark Vantage can benchmark DirectX 10 cards and 3DMark06 works with older DirectX 9 cards.
  • Verify that you have latest DirectX libraries installed. If unsure, download and install DirectX Web Installer.
  • Verify that you have latest video drivers for your card installed. If needed, completely uninstall your current drivers, reboot and then install latest drivers. Note that you may have to use third party driver cleaner utility (like DriverSweeper) to rectify the issue as that is the only way to remove any corrupted driver parts or registry entries. Updated video drivers are available from AMD for AMD/ATI Radeon GPUs and from NVIDIA for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.
  • Check your DXDiag (type "DXDiag" in start menu search box and run Microsoft DirectX Diagnostics) and check under Display (or Display 1) tab for "DDI Version: 11". If you see 10.1 (or lower) here and you have DirectX 11 hardware, you may have issues with your video drivers - a complete uninstallation and reinstallation of video drivers is recommended.

I'm getting a message that my key is invalid when I try to activate 3DMark 11 Advanced or Professional Edition. Help!

First ensure that the key you are inputting is in the form of


XXX specifies edition - ADV for Advanced Edition and PRO for Professional Edition.

YYYY sections are five alphanumeric strings that contain numbers (0-9) and letters. Note that letters I and O will never show up in a key, anything resembling an I is number 1 (one) and O is always 0 (zero).

You should also note that there are no spaces anywhere in a valid key and if your key shows any numbers prior to "3D11-" you should discard those "" they are not part of the actual key even if they may show up with some promotional keys that are being distributed.

If you still can't get your key to work, please send email to UL.BenchmarkSales@ul.com and include as much detail as possible about your key (where you got it, a photo/scan of the key if it was printed on paper and/or any information on the transaction you have) so we can assist further.

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