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Is PCMark 10 compatible with Windows 10?


Is PCMark 10 compatible with Windows 8 / 8.1?

The majority of PCMark 10 tests are compatible with Windows 8.1. They should also run on Windows 8, but we strongly recommend updating to Windows 8.1.

Please note that the PCMark 10 Applications benchmark requires Windows 10.

Is PCMark 10 compatible with Windows 7?

The majority of PCMark 10 tests are compatible with Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. Please note that the PCMark 10 Applications benchmark requires Windows 10.

Can I test battery life with PCMark 10?

Yes. PCMark 10 Professional Edition introduces a new approach to battery life benchmarking. Instead of producing a single number, a PCMark 10 Battery Life Profile provides a broad view of battery life across five common scenarios: modern office, applications, video, gaming, and idle time.

PCMark 10 Battery Life Profile tests are available in PCMark 10 Professional Edition.

How do I create a Battery Life Profile?

A PCMark 10 Battery Life Profile groups the test results for each battery life scenario into a common view for easy reporting and comparison. To create a Battery Life Profile, first test your PC's battery life with each scenario. Then, go to the Results screen in PCMark 10, click on the Options button, then select Create new profile. Give your profile a name and description then click on the icons to choose a result for each scenario. Please note that you can only create a profile with results from the same system.

I can't run the PCMark 10 Applications benchmark. Help!

To run the PCMark 10 Applications benchmark, you must have Windows 10 and Microsoft Office installed on the PC under test. The test is compatible with Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2019, and Microsoft Office 365. The Microsoft Office installation must be registered, any first time startup messages should be cleared and, if required, you should sign in. If in doubt, start each Office application once and ensure they start without any prompts, then close them and proceed with the test. Please note that the Applications benchmark is only available in PCMark 10 Professional Edition.

PCMark 10 Applications benchmark says that I have more than one version of Microsoft Office installed on my PC. What does that mean?

This warning is shown when PCMark 10 detects more than one version of Microsoft Office installed on the PC under test. We recommend uninstalling the version that you do not wish to use in the test.

Why doesn't PCMark 10 have a Storage test like PCMark 8?

A dedicated Storage benchmark that improves on the PCMark 8 test is in development and will be added to PCMark 10 in a future update.

PCMark 10 displays dedicated video memory for my integrated GPU (Intel / AMD) but the value appears incorrect or inconsistent, why?

PCMark 10 displays the value supplied by the system, but the value for the vast majority of integrated GPUs is actually not true. These GPUs actually have 0 MB of dedicated video RAM and use shared main RAM instead. However, hardware vendors have configured these systems to "lie" that they have dedicated video RAM - usually a value between 32MB and 256MB - to help compatibility with legacy applications that refuse to start if no dedicated VRAM is found. This value can vary even between systems with the exact same integrated GPU as the value is set by the BIOS merely to improve compatibility. There is no dedicated VRAM present on these systems at all. Contact the vendor of your integrated GPU for more details.

Only exceptions to this are integrated GPUs in the Intel Iris Pro and Radeon Vega M series that feature real dedicated VRAM and in these cases PCMark 10 shows correct dedicated VRAM.

I am using PCMark 10 v1.1.1722 and it is not the latest version, but I'm not able to self-update. Why?

Unfortunately standalone installer of this version of PCMark 10 has an issue that prevents it from receiving a self-update notification about a new version. You can update manually by downloading the full installer of the latest version. Latest version fixes the issue and is again able to self-update to future versions. Note that Steam version of PCMark 10 is unaffected.

The Photo test randomly fails to complete on older AMD A4/A6 APUs

This is due to the hardware in question being so slow that a video driver TDR timeout can trigger and unfortunately the test cannot continue even as the video driver recovers from the TDR, so eventually the test times out and no score is obtained. A workaround is to increase the TDR delay in Windows Registry - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/display/tdr-registry-keys. Alternatively you can just try to run the benchmark again until the test passes.

I'm having problems with the Video Conferencing test failing to run. I have an AMD GPU in my system. Help?

We have seen this issue in our own testing. It appears that recent AMD video drivers have problems playing back hardware-accelerated video. The only workaround right now is to revert to the AMD Radeon Crimson Edition 17.2.1 drivers. Using a different monitor may also help.

The main PCMark 10 benchmark completed, but I got a score of zero. What's wrong?

A score of zero means that one or more tests failed to run correctly. Please send our Support team the PCMark 10 log file from your Documents/PCMark 10/ folder so we can help you figure out the problem.

Can I compare scores from PCMark 10, PCMark 10 Express and PCMark 10 Extended?

No. Scores from PCMark 10, PCMark 10 Express and PCMark 10 Extended are not comparable. Each benchmark contain a different set of workloads to represent different use-cases.

Where can I find more information about the tests?

Our PCMark 10 Technical Guide contains detailed descriptions of each test workload and explains how the scores are calculated.

I'm an editor for a website that reviews PC hardware.
Can I have a copy of PCMark 10 to use in my reviews?

We are happy to provide established press publications with complimentary Professional Edition benchmarks. To request a PCMark 10 press key, please contact us at UL.BenchmarkPress@ul.com and include your full name, job title, publication, and the country in which you are based.

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