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PCMark 7 FAQ

Is PCMark 7 compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, as long as SystemInfo 4.39 or later is installed.

We recommend using PCMark 10 to benchmark systems with Windows 10.

Is PCMark 7 compatible with Windows 8?

Yes, when you use PCMark 7 v1.4.0.

We recommend using PCMark 8 to benchmark systems with Windows 8.

Is PCMark 7 compatible with Windows Vista?

No, PCMark 7 is not compatible with Windows Vista. We recommend using PCMark Vantage for benchmarking Windows Vista systems.

But the benchmark starts up on Vista, what's the issue?

While it is possible to run PCMark 7 on a Vista-based system, this is officially unsupported. We do not specifically block PCMark 7 from running on operating systems. When run on Windows Vista, the PCMark score will be very poor due to some of the individual tests failing and giving no score.

What tests fail and why? Can I do something to fix them?

PCMark 7 uses Windows features that are not present in Windows Vista.

  • Video playback test in PCMark 7 uses Microsoft Media Foundation for playback. Vista does include Media Foundation but critically there is no H.264 Media Foundation codec available on Vista. It may be possible to install a third party H.264 MF codec and get the test to run but this is officially unsupported. Note that PCMark 7 does not use older DirectShow, installing a H.264 DirectShow codec would not help.
  • Video transcoding test in PCMark 7 uses Media Foundation Fast Transcoding feature that was introduced in Windows 7. This feature is not available on Windows Vista.

Affected suites: PCMark, Entertainment, Creativity and Computation

Lightweight, Productivity and Storage suites can be run on Vista (using PCMark 7 Advanced Edition) and you can get suite-specific scores from these tests. However, this is officially unsupported. PCMark Vantage is recommended for benchmarking Windows Vista systems.

Can the scores from PCMark 7 be compared with other versions of PCMark?

No, PCMark 7 scores should be compared only to other PCMark 7 scores. Each version of PCMark is designed to take account of the latest developments in memory, storage, processor and graphics and this means scores cannot be compared usefully across versions.

PCMark 7 appears to hang during some of the tests?

It is normal that some of the tests take a while to execute, especially on laptops and slower systems. There are no visual indicators during the execution of a benchmark workload to ensure that nothing interferes with the measurements. This is done to ensure accurate and consistent scoring.

PCMark 7 fails to complete web browsing tests. I'm running Windows 8.

This is a known problem that can sometimes occur on fresh installs of Windows 8. This problem is corrected in PCMark 7 v1.4.0

PCMark seems to get stuck looping on the video transcoding test, repeating same video on screen over and over again even if I wait for hours for the test to complete. Help?

This is commonly caused by a crash in the video driver while it is doing hardware-assisted transcoding (you may see a popup stating that video driver has stopped working and has recovered, this is also an indication). To resolve the issue, please update the video drivers to the latest available. Note that if you have a system with a GPU integrated into the CPU and are using switchable graphics (Virtu, Optimus etc.) with a dedicated GPU, you may need to update both the integrated video drivers and the dedicated video drivers.

PCMark 7 v1.4.0 update includes fixes to the video transcoding test that should resolve any other issues you may have with this test.

I'm seeing unusually low scores on a touch-enabled laptop - specifically Text Editing test is performing poorly. Why?

The PCMark 7 Text Editing test is not compatible with touch input. We recommend using PCMark 10 or PCMark 8 to benchmark touch-enabled devices.

Why does the PCMark suite run all tests three times?

Three passes increase the accuracy of the PCMark score and the overall PCMark score requires that all three passes of the tests are completed.

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