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When shopping for a Windows PC or Mac computer, consumers can feel overwhelmed by the multitude of available choices. Complex specifications indicate each computer’s strengths and capabilities, but such technical information can prove difficult to understand, especially when comparing multiple computers. The challenge is to demonstrate a computer’s actual performance in an instantly meaningful way.

At UL Solutions, we offer industry-leading benchmarks that make it easier for everyone to understand a PC or Mac’s performance. UL Solutions custom benchmarks test computers and reduce a computer’s specification sheet to an easily understandable numbered score. We already work with many international consumer electronics retailers, helping them achieve their goals and maximize customer experience.

This insights page is a resource hub for those interested in our benchmarking retail solutions. It aims to provide information on how our data can help retail businesses increase sales, reduce returns, and improve customer satisfaction.

Computer Performance Data for Retailers

Download this complimentary UL Solutions e-book, where we discuss the difficulties consumers face when choosing computers, and how our benchmarking data can support retailers and PC manufacturers in achieving their goals.