Benchmark Development Program™

Our driving purpose is to create benchmarks that are universally used and respected by consumers, press and the industry, and we have been doing exactly that since 1997.

An unrivalled recipe for benchmark quality

The Benchmark Development Program™ (BDP) is an initiative from UL Solutions for building partnerships with technology companies. The objective of the BDP is to create relevant and impartial benchmarks by working in close cooperation with program members. Others try to imitate it, but only UL's Benchmark Development Program offers:

  • The widest selection of industry names as long-term, satisfied members.
  • Benchmark brands that are known and trusted around the world.
  • Equal access for all members. Every voice carries the same weight.
  • A transparent development process that's been government vetted for fairness and neutrality.
  • Mature working practices built upon 20 years of partnership and cooperation with industry.
  • A singular focus on creating outstanding benchmarks and performance tests.
  • Corporate ownership and values that ensure impartiality and fairness.

BDP membership drives business success

  • Gain a deep understanding of benchmark workloads, right down to the source code.
  • Provide input at every stage of benchmark development from specification to release candidate.
  • Ensure that new benchmark workloads highlight the strengths of your technology.
  • Make better design decisions by predicting the performance of different CPU/GPU combinations.
  • Use benchmark scores to competitively position your range in terms of performance and price.
  • See how your new devices compare with your strongest competitors in different markets.
  • Define target performance levels for suppliers across your supply chain.
  • Support your marketing with independent and trusted performance proof points.

How to join

Benchmark Development Programs are open to established technology companies that have significant market share and company values that are complementary to the objectives of the program. To ensure neutrality, BDP membership fees are the same for all partners in the same tier. It is not possible to gain disproportionate influence or leverage over other members by paying higher fees. To apply, or request further information, please email