Futuremark Corporation Releases 3DMark® 99 - The Gamers' Benchmark

October 26, 1998

Futuremark Corporation today, 26th of October 1998, released 3DMark 99 - The Gamers' Benchmark. 3DMark is the world's first 3D benchmark that is aimed directly at the 3D gaming community. Benchmarking the new generation 3D hardware, running on Microsoft's DirectX 6.0, the new benchmark is now available for download from: www.3dmark.com. 

"3DMark sets a long awaited standard for testing actual game performance for titles like Unreal as well as the future technologies. I support it one hundred percent." -- Tim Sweeney, Unreal Programmer, Epic MegaGames 

3DMark is a dazzling show of the new features and capabilities of DX6 compatible 3D accelerators. It demonstrates next year's software technology such as radiosity lightning and real-time shadows, while measuring the 3D game performance of the user's system setup. 

The commercial version, 3DMark Pro, comes with advanced testing and diagnostics options and is targeted for true 3D enthusiasts, testing labs and engineers. 

"Our mission is to make sense out of 3D performance and to do it with style. We hope that 3DMark will finally make it easy for the end users to distinguish between good and bad 3D-hardware." says Aki Jarvilehto, Managing Director of Futuremark. 

Focusing on Game Performance 

In order to test the real game play situations Futuremark uses Remedy Entertainment's proprietary 3D engine, MAX-FX. Using a state of the art engine for performance measurement guarantees that the results are comparable to the gaming world. It also guarantees that you will see something absolutely breath-taking when running the benchmark. Using a true game engine for the benchmark also solves the dilemma of optimized drivers as optimizing drivers for 3DMark inevitably leads to better game performance instead of theoretical numbers. 

"3DMark is a gamers' tool that will tell the truth and expose the hype about 3D card performance. Gamers and the industry need a standard benchmark, and this one is it." - Scott Miller, Partner, 3D Realms. 

Working with the Game and 3D Industry 

One of the keys to a benchmark's success is the support from the industry. 3DMark 99 is the first commercial benchmark of its kind to host a totally open Beta Program for the industry. 8 months of joint research and co-operation with the industry preceded the launch of 3DMark. 

"Beta Program is Futuremark's way to work in close co-operation with game development houses, 3D manufacturers and OEMs, " says Nathan Harley, Director of Sales and Marketing. "We're proud to have worked with the best players in the 3D field. We have received extremely valuable insight and input from all the Beta participants on the next generation of 3D titles and products. This is key to delivering a forward-looking benchmark that will not only test in a "real world" way but also protects a user's investment in the next generation of 3D technology. This development method is re-enforced by the support we are receiving from the industry and game developers." 

True standard on testing the game performance is beneficial both to the gamers and the industry, which is why the Gathering of Developers is strongly supporting 3DMark. 

Says Mike Wilson, CEO of G.O.D: "3DMark is THE benchmarking program for serious gamers and their serious gaming machines. Period." 

Available for the Gamers everywhere 

3DMark is available for EVERYONE to use. Magazines, web site owners, manufactures can all use and publish 3DMark results without charge. 

As Futuremark is privately owned you can be guaranteed of completely independent test results. 3DMark offers quality publishers across the world an independent third party testing solution. The Lite version is also available for distribution on magazine cover disks and from quality web sites. Further details on distribution are available by contacting Futuremark Corporation at press@futuremarkcorp.com. 

3DMark™ 99 Lite available for FREE download 

Now anyone can evaluate the performance of their PC under DirectX 6.0 and witness the benefits of the latest development platform from Microsoft. 3DMark Lite allows comprehensive testing and results analysis. These tools are backed up with Internet interaction on the 3DMark web site with users able to browse, submit, and compare their results. In addition, there is also the mind-blowing demo mode to show off the awesome power of today's next generation of 3D accelerators. 

"You've never seen what 3D accelerators can really do until you've seen 3DMark. It's simply amazing!" -- Harry Miller, CEO, Ritual Entertainment. 

3DMark 99 Professional Version to Incorporate Cutting Edge Tools 

In addition to the basic benchmarking features in 3DMark 99 Lite, Futuremark is also releasing an enhanced version of the software for the demanding professionals. 

3DMark 99 Pro will amongst other features incorporate: 

  • In Depth Testing with the Additional Tests 
  • Accurate Advanced Testing Options 
  • All available High Resolution Modes 
  • Increased Color Options 
  • Advanced Display Settings 
  • A Dazzling High Resolution Demo 

For further 3DMark 99 related information, please refer to www.3DMark.com. 

3DMark® 99 and Futuremark® are trademarks of Futuremark Corporation, Ltd. MAX-FX Technology is a trademark of Remedy Entertainment, Ltd. All other brands and names are property of their respective owners. For more information please refer to www.futuremark.com.

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