3DMark Android v2.0.4589 update released

January 16, 2019

3DMark Android benchmark for smartphones and tablets

We’ve just released an update for our 3DMark Android app that affects Sling Shot Extreme benchmark scores when using the Vulkan API. Other benchmark scores are not affected.

This update modifies the Vulkan version of the Sling Shot Extreme test to enable a fairer comparison with scores from the OpenGL ES 3.1 version. Vulkan scores will improve on many devices.

Vulkan scores from this version (Sling Shot Extreme - Vulkan v3.0) should not be compared with scores from older versions. Vulkan scores from previous versions should no longer be used to compare devices.

With this update we will begin rebuilding our Best Smartphone and Best Tablet lists with Vulkan benchmark results from the new version of the app. Naturally, this will take some time. Meanwhile, Android devices with Vulkan scores from earlier versions will no longer be shown.

This update also fixes an unrelated issue that could cause the API Overhead feature test to fail on newer devices.


3DMark is a free Android benchmark app available from Google Play.

Download 3DMark Android benchmark from Google Play

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