Futuremark Announces a new Automotive Performance Benchmark

June 24, 2008

Futuremark Announces a new Automotive Performance Benchmark

Espoo, Finland – June 24th, 2008 – Futuremark, creators of the industry standard benchmarking software for graphics performance for OpenGL ES and DirectX APIs, announces a benchmark product for automotive applications. The benchmark will be designed to evaluate the performance of graphics cores, chips, SoCs, embedded systems and devices used in automotive applications from dashboards to GPS devices. This BDP will allow car manufacturers, automotive system suppliers and semiconductor companies to evaluate their hardware and software solutions with professional-grade software to make important technology and purchasing decisions.

"As the automotive industry heads towards more sophisticated dashboard displays including information and entertainment systems with bigger LCD displays and application processors with 3D acceleration using real-time rendered 3D applications, the vendors will have a requirement for industry standard benchmarking solutions", said Petri Talala, Vice President and General Manager of the Handheld and Embedded Group at Futuremark Oy. "By opening up this benchmark initiative, we can help speed development of these automotive applications which are using the latest programming standards such as OpenGL ES1.1 and ES2.0."

The pre-licensing of the new automotive benchmark also includes several exclusive benefits including access to the benchmark source code, reduced licensing fees, the ability to provide comments and feedback on the benchmark design and early access to specifications and development versions of the benchmark. The upcoming automotive benchmark will utilize real-world use cases such as car dashboard, info-system, and navigation workloads based on OpenGL ES 1.x and ES 2.0.

The project is now starting for this automotive benchmark; if your company wishes to join or for more information, in Europe and Asia, contact Petri Talala. In North America contact Oliver Baltuch at the contact information below.

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Company Contact:

Europe and ROW:
Phone: +358 (0)20 759 8266
Petri Talala
VP and GM of Handheld Embedded Group, Futuremark Oy
Email: petri.talala@futuremark.com

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Oliver Baltuch
President, Futuremark Inc.
Email: oliver.baltuch@futuremark.com

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