Flander and Futuremark to Cooperate in Mobile Device Performance Testing

November 25, 2008

Flander and Futuremark to Cooperate in Mobile Device Performance Testing

Software testing and development company Flander and performance benchmarking developer Futuremark have entered into a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Futuremark and Flander exchange tools for mobile device performance and functionality testing. Flander also provides Futuremark with services that help Futuremark and its clients to measure and analyse mobile device performance. Thereby, both companies can provide extended and more complete measurement and benchmarking for their customers.

According to the agreement, Futuremark offers tools for mobile device performance testing to Flander. Flander provides Futuremark with services that help Futuremark and its clients to receive information on mobile device performance.

”Mobile device product development is at a turning point. It’s no longer enough that the devices look good and have numerous functions. Usability and innovations relating to it are now more central. The growing popularity of Apple iPhone is a clear proof of this development. When evaluating usability, the emphasis is on the performance of the device; how quickly it responses to user control, how it copes in common use, and at the same time, how well it handles flashy multimedia," says Flander CEO Markus Suomi.

”With the tools of Flander and Futuremark, we can provide exact information and analyses of the performance of our client's mobile solutions. During product development we can ensure good performance, and thus good usability. Futuremark is a noted benchmarking software provider, so we at Flander are very happy about this partnership," Suomi continues.

”More and more, the consumers demand better performance, varied multimedia properties and developed graphics from their mobile devices. Together with Flander, we can meet these needs better than ever by offering the leading mobile companies testing services and tools that cover the actual new applications and uses of mobile devices and smartphones," says Futuremark’s Petri Talala, vice president, mobile and embedded business.

Further information:

Flander Oy
CEO Markus Suomi
Futuremark Oy

Petri Talala
Tel. +358 20 759 8266


Flander is a leading company in software testing and development and it offers software services and processes for development of embedded and other demanding solutions. Flander’s clients include mobile device manufacturers, software producers, industrial companies, operators, and service providers. Established in 1997, the rapidly growing Flander employs nearly 400 software development and testing professionals at eight offices in Finland, Sweden, and China. Further information www.flander.com.


Futuremark Oy is a leading provider of products and services for smartphone and PC performance benchmarking. Futuremark is known worldwide for its benchmarking software, including for example 3DMark, PCMark, and SPMark. Futuremark also offers tailored benchmarking services that utilise the database of over 25 million benchmark results and over three million users. Customers include AMD, ARM, Broadcom, Dell, Electronic Arts, Freescale, Hitachi, Intel, Marvell, Microsoft, nVIDIA, Renesas, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Symbian, and Texas Instruments. The head office and product development are located in Espoo, Finland. Sales and marketing are centralised in the subsidiary based in California. Further information: http://www.futuremark.com

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