PCMark for Android adds new Work 3.0 benchmark with 64-bit support

May 12, 2021

PCMark for Android benchmark

We released a major update for our PCMark for Android benchmarking app today that adds support for 64-bit architectures. 64-bit processors deliver faster, richer experiences and other performance improvements. As a result, benchmark scores from this version are not comparable with results from older versions of this app.

PCMark for Android measures the performance and battery life of the device as a complete unit rather than a set of isolated components. And its tests are based on common, everyday tasks instead of abstract algorithms.

What’s new in PCMark for Android v 3.0.4054


  • New Work 3.0 benchmark with 64-bit support replaces the Work 2.0 test.
  • New Storage 2.0 benchmark with 64-bit support replaces the Storage test.

End of support

  • With this release, the Work 2.0, Work 1.0, Storage (1.0) and Computer Vision benchmarks are no longer supported and have been removed from the app.

You can find the complete release notes for this update and previous releases in our online user guide.

PCMark for Android Work benchmark

PCMark for Android Work 3.0 benchmark

The PCMark for Android Work 3.0 benchmark shows you how well your device handles common productivity tasks such as browsing the web, editing photos and videos, and working with documents and data. The test takes around 10 minutes on a typical smartphone.

Use the Work 3.0 battery life benchmark to measure battery life and performance. Measuring performance and battery life together provides a better view of the overall profile of a device than testing performance alone.

PCMark for Android Storage benchmark

PCMark for Android Storage 2.0 benchmark

A device’s IO performance describes its ability to write data In to and read data Out of the storage. Good IO performance is key to a smooth, stutter-free experience. The PCMark for Android Storage 2.0 benchmark is an isolating component benchmark for measuring the file IO and SQLite performance of the Android storage subsystem.

Benchmark your Android phone

PCMark for Android is a free benchmarking app for Android phones and tablets. Get it now from Google Play or download the APK.

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