Lenovo Focuses on Optimizing PC Hardware Testing with Procyon® Benchmarks

May 9, 2023

In March 2023, UL Solutions and Lenovo group collaborated on a Procyon® joint laboratory project focusing on how hardware benchmarking tests can improve peak performance and productivity. The ceremony took place at the Lenovo Innovation and Technology Park in Shanghai, attended by representatives from both companies.

First Chinese PC manufacturer to license Procyon  

Lenovo is the first Chinese PC manufacturer to license Procyon. The Procyon Photo Editing Benchmark and Procyon Video Editing Benchmark enable them to test and verify performance on creator-targeted PCs.

lenovo and procyon joint lab

Optimized PC performance can enable peak productivity  

Procyon benchmarking suite uses real-world data to determine what PC performance you need to get the job done. Procyon is a suite of benchmark tests for professionals in industry, enterprise, government, retail and technology reviewers.

Each Procyon benchmark is designed for a specific use case and uses real applications where possible. We created the Procyon Video and Photo editing benchmarks to run tests on Adobe® applications, supporting creators looking to unlock their potential and find PC hardware to help meet their goals.

UL Solutions is working with large PC manufacturers and major consumer electronics retailers worldwide to help communicate the capabilities of PCs designed for content creators.

How can UL Solutions help you?  

The Procyon benchmark suite provides accurate, relevant, and unbiased data to help power decisions around the time-consuming nature of measuring and managing PC performance. For more information on how we can support you, visit the Procyon benchmarking suite or our Retail solutions page. 

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