UL Procyon — Professional Benchmark Suite

UL Procyon benchmark suite

Industry-standard benchmarks for professional users

Introducing UL Procyon—benchmarks for professional users. Procyon is a new benchmark suite from UL that we’re creating specifically for professional users in industry, enterprise, government, retail and press. Each Procyon benchmark will provide a familiar, consistent experience by sharing a common design and feature set. Flexible licensing means you can pick and choose the individual benchmarks that best meet your needs.

With more tests coming soon, the UL Procyon benchmark suite will soon offer a range of benchmarks and performance tests for professional users. Each benchmark is designed for a specific use case and uses real applications where possible. We're working closely with our industry partners to ensure that every Procyon benchmark is accurate, relevant and impartial.

UL Procyon AI Inference Benchmark

AI Inference Benchmark

Benchmark and compare the AI inference performance of the latest Android smartphones. Measure the speed and accuracy of dedicated AI processing hardware in Android devices and verify NNAPI implementation quality.

The benchmark uses a range of popular, state-of-the-art neural network models such as MobileNet V3, Inception V4, SSDLite V3 and DeepLab V4. The models run on the device to perform common machine-vision tasks.

UL Procyon Photo Editing Benchmark

Photo Editing Benchmark

Benchmark PC performance against the demands of a typical photo-editing workflow. This benchmark measures the performance of Windows PCs designed for creators, enthusiasts and creative professionals.

The benchmark uses Adobe® Lightroom® to import, process and modify a selection of images. In the second part of the test, multiple edits and layer effects are applied to a photograph in Adobe® Photoshop®.

UL Procyon Video Editing Benchmark

Video Editing Benchmark

Benchmark and compare the video-editing performance of Windows PCs aimed at creators, enthusiasts and creative professionals. This test is based on the typical workflow when creating content for online video sharing platforms.

The benchmark uses Adobe® Premiere® Pro to export video project files to common formats. Each video project includes various edits, adjustments and effects. The benchmark score is based on the time taken to export the videos.

Benchmarks for professional users


The UL Procyon benchmark suite offers a range of accurate, relevant and impartial benchmarks for hardware manufacturers and their suppliers. Each Procyon benchmark is designed for a specific use case and uses real applications where possible.


UL Procyon benchmarks help IT professionals make more informed decisions when purchasing and managing PCs and mobile devices. Each Procyon benchmark is designed for a specific use case and uses real applications where possible.


Our retail solutions help your customers confidently choose the best PCs and mobile devices for their needs. UL Procyon benchmarking data and insights complement your own sales material to improve sales performance online and in-store.


UL supports qualifying public-sector organizations with complimentary benchmark licenses and advice for IT procurement processes. UL Procyon benchmarks are ideal for public-sector organizations seeking a vendor-neutral solution for IT procurement.


UL benchmarks are used by hundreds of publications to test and review the latest PC hardware and mobile devices. We support our partners in the press with testing advice, technical support and complimentary UL Procyon benchmark licenses.

Procyon benchmark licensing

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  • Flexible, annual licensing per benchmark.
  • Single-seat and site licensing options available.
  • Priority support via email and telephone.

Benchmark Development Program

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The Benchmark Development Program™ is a UL initiative for building partnerships with technology companies. OEMs, ODMs, component manufacturers and their suppliers are invited to join us in developing new UL Procyon benchmarks. Please contact us for details.