UL Procyon Photo Editing Benchmark

Procyon® Photo Editing Benchmark

Benchmark PC and Mac performance with Adobe® applications

The Procyon photo editing benchmark from UL Solutions uses real-world applications to test performance. This multi-platform benchmark measures Windows PC and Apple Mac computer performance using Adobe® Lightroom® Classic and Adobe® Photoshop® in a typical photo editing workflow that includes batch processing and image retouching.

The Procyon photo editing benchmark starts by importing Digital Negative (DNG) image files into Adobe Lightroom Classic and applying various presets. Some images are cropped, straightened and modified. In the second part of the test, multiple edits and layer effects are applied to a photograph in Adobe Photoshop. The benchmark score is a measure of how quickly the PC performs these tasks.

The tests use the same workloads on PCs and macOS, and you can compare benchmark scores from Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers.


  • Multi-platform testing and comparison.
  • Benchmark photo editing performance.​
  • Uses Adobe applications in a typical workflow.
  • Test and compare creator PCs.
  • Run from the UI or the command line.
  • Export result data as XML or a PDF report.
  • Simple to setup and run.​

Performance with real applications

The Procyon photo editing benchmark uses Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop in a typical photo editing workflow. Using relevant apps ensures that the benchmark score reflects the real-world performance of the whole system.

Designed for professionals

We created the Procyon photo editing benchmark for retailers and reviewers who need relevant, standardized tools for assessing the photo editing performance of Apple Mac computers, Windows PCs and workstations for content creators.

Better with the Testdriver Cloud Edition

Testdriver Cloud Edition is a benchmark automation platform for enterprise IT managers, test laboratory managers, hardware reviewers, and other power users.

With Testdriver Cloud Edition, you don't have to be physically present at the devices you are testing. You can schedule, deploy and run benchmarks on any endpoint in your network from one convenient control console. Benchmark results are collected from each system automatically and stored in your central database.

Testdriver Cloud Edition Testdriver On-Premises Edition

Using our Testdriver Cloud Edition can improve the user experience, offering simple and efficient benchmarking automation. The photo editing benchmark can be installed and run from the Testdriver Cloud UI or the command line.

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Creativity unleashed

For creative professionals who make a living from their craft, focus and productivity are key. When the process gets in the way, creativity suffers. Even the smallest interruption can break the flow. Longer delays are even more frustrating.

Purpose-built PCs and Macs promise to smooth out these wrinkles in the production process. Offering high-end specifications, creator-focused PCs and Macs are designed to meet the needs of animators, designers, photographers, videographers, musicians and other digital content creators.

Creators can compare the performance of different systems and specifications to make a more informed purchasing decision tailored for their professional needs.

UL Solutions Procyon benchmarks for retailers

UL Solutions works with consumer electronics retailers to help people choose the right PC or Mac for their needs and budget. Retailers use benchmark scores and testing data from UL Solutions to categorize and sort the PCs, notebooks and laptops they offer.

The photo editing benchmark scores provide a convenient way to understand the capabilities of different systems. Retailers can use this benchmarking data at the point of sale to help their customers make informed buying decisions.

UL Solutions Procyon benchmarks for reviewers

Content creators rely on reviews to make better purchasing decisions. Our benchmarks help technology editors and journalists complement their reviews with accurate, relevant and impartial performance metrics.

Our benchmarks are used by hundreds of publications around the world. If you would like to evaluate the Procyon photo editing benchmark for use in your reviews, please get in touch below.

UL Procyon Photo Editing Benchmark

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Minimum system requirements on Windows PCs

OS Windows 10, 64-bit, version 2004 or later
Processor 2 GHz dual-core CPU with SSE 4.2 or later
Memory 8 GB
Graphics DirectX 12
Video memory 2 GB
Display 1280 × 800
Storage 50 GB
Does not include space required for Adobe applications


  • English
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish

Minimum system requirements on Apple Mac Computers

OS MacOS Monterey or later
Memory 8 GB
Display 1280 × 800
Storage 50 GB plus space required for Photoshop and Lightroom installation


  • English


Latest version 2.0 | May 2, 2023

Required applications

Adobe Photoshop v.24.0 or newer
Adobe Lightroom Classic v.12.0 or newer

Applications not included. You must install and activate licensed versions of the required applications on every system you plan to test.

Ready for Windows 11

Procyon benchmarks are compatible with Windows 11.