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Technical Marketing Services

Stand out from your competitors with professionally crafted reports, white papers, infographics and presentation slides that show the strengths of your technology. We test, measure, and evaluate your products to find insights that drive compelling marketing stories.

Independent insight and analysis

We've been developing industry standard benchmarks for leading edge technologies since 1997. UL Solutions brings more than 120 years of experience in product testing, certification, and verification services. We're number one in our field; let us put our expertise to work for you.

We work with you to identify and objectively demonstrate the competitive advantages of your products. Whether it is demonstrating the benefits of your latest innovations, comparing products to show the value of your latest model, or independently verifying a performance claim, we find the facts and present them in professionally crafted marketing collateral backed by the UL Solutions brand.

With a focus on real-world performance and user experience metrics, we perform accurate assessments of servers, PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, VR systems, and enterprise software. Using our industry-standard benchmarks, we can test and measure CPUs, GPUs, storage, and battery life.

Our expert team works with you to choose the best tools and techniques for evaluating your products. Whether using our industry standard benchmarks, or developing bespoke test methods, our well-equipped lab facilities can support your projects large and small.

Build trust with a UL Verified Mark

UL Verification is an independent, objective product assessment that confirms the accuracy of your marketing claims. In competitive markets crowded with promises, a UL Verified mark helps your customers buy with confidence.


  • Stand out from your competitors with powerful, fact-based marketing stories.
  • Testing, evaluation, and marketing collateral in one full-service package.
  • In-house expertise in a wide range of testing competencies.
  • Professionally crafted, localized marketing collateral backed by the UL Solutions brand.
  • Secure lab facilities in California, Taipei, and Helsinki.

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Recent example

AMD Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile 2500U processor in Dell Latitude 5495 notebook

In May 2018, AMD announced that its new Ryzen PRO Mobile and Ryzen PRO Desktop processors for business and enterprise PCs would be featured in new systems from Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

AMD asked UL Solutions to help find performance proof points for its new Ryzen Mobile PRO processors that would appeal to commercial PC buyers.

We put a Dell Latitude 5495 notebook configured with an AMD Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile 2500U processor through a series of tests in our lab to identify desirable characteristics for enterprise users.

We identified battery life as the most important factor for an enterprise notebook. In our tests, the Dell Latitude 5495 achieved more than ten and a half hours of continuous office work on a single charge, easily besting our 9-to-5 challenge.

We tested performance with the PCMark 10 benchmark test. PCMark 10 features a comprehensive set of tests that cover the wide variety of tasks performed in the modern office.

In our lab, we produced verified PCMark 10 benchmark scores showing that the Dell Latitude 5495 offers competitive performance for general productivity work and class-leading performance for digital-content-creation tasks.

Everyone appreciates a quiet office. We tested the noise levels of the Dell Latitude 5495 notebook and found that it was barely audible in our quiet office environment even in active use.

AMD Ryzen PRO Mobile processors offers additional features for enterprise-level security, manageability, and reliability. By comparing the performance of the Dell with three notebooks equipped with the equivalent consumer model processor, we were able to show that these additional features have no negative effect on performance.

We created a professionally designed report for AMD to showcase the results of our testing. Each claim received a UL Verified mark, which can be printed directly on a product, label or package to reassure customers about the veracity of the claims.