3DMark Adds iOS Support to Solar Bay Ray Tracing Benchmark

September 11, 2023

In August 2023, UL Solutions launched Solar Bay, our first cross-platform ray-tracing benchmark for Android and Windows. Today, we’re excited to announce that Solar Bay is also available for iOS devices with an Apple A13 or later system on a chip (SoC) and Mac computers with Apple Silicon.

Ray tracing is the showcase technology for Solar Bay, simulating real-time reflections. Compared to traditional rasterization, ray-traced scenes produce far more realistic lighting. Solar Bay uses the Metal ray-tracing API.

3DMark Solar Bay is available today on the Apple App Store as a complimentary update to the 3DMark app, previously known as 3DMark Wild Life Benchmark. You can now use 3DMark to compare the gaming performance of iOS, Android and Windows devices with and without ray tracing.

3DMark Solar Bay screenshot

3DMark Solar Bay benchmark

Run the 3DMark Solar Bay benchmark to measure a device’s ability to provide instant performance for a short period of time. This test mirrors mobile games in which the gameplay loop is a series of short bursts of activity.

Solar Bay produces four scores on completion: an overall score and three sub-scores for each ray-tracing section. These scores reflect your device’s frame rate in Solar Bay; the higher the frame rate, the better the score.

3DMark Solar Bay stress test

The Solar Bay stress test shows how a device will perform over extended periods of ray-traced gaming, mirroring a longer gaming session. The Solar Bay workload is run in a loop for 20 minutes, producing a chart showing how performance varies over the test. An ideal outcome is a steady set of results showing that performance is not throttled.

Detailed results page

The 3DMark app lets you immediately compare your device’s result with scores from the same model or other popular devices. With its unique charts, lists and rankings, 3DMark gives you unrivaled insights into the performance of iOS devices.

3DMark Solar Bay screenshot

Available now

3DMark on the Apple App Store – Free

3DMark Solar Bay is available as a complimentary update for the 3DMark app on the Apple App Store. You can download the 3DMark iOS app for free today.

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3DMark on Google Play Store — Free

3DMark Solar Bay is available as a complimentary update for the 3DMark Android app on the Google Play store. You can download the 3DMark Android app for free today.

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3DMark for Windows – $34.99 (USD)

3DMark Solar Bay is included when you purchase 3DMark for Windows. 3DMark is available on Steam, the Epic Games Store or directly from UL Solutions.

For existing 3DMark owners, Solar Bay is a complimentary update. Just update to the latest version of 3DMark to unlock it.

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3DMark Professional Edition

3DMark Solar Bay is available as a complimentary update for 3DMark Professional Edition customers with a valid annual license.