UL Procyon — Professional Benchmark Suite

Optimize productivity with Procyon® multiplatform

Watch our expert-led on-demand webinar highlighting the innovative advancements that our benchmarks have brought to market this year, particularly in strengthening our enterprise products, Procyon® and Testdriver® Cloud Edition.

In this session, you'll get exclusive insight into some of the new benchmarks now available across multiple platforms, including MacOS and Windows PC. This move signifies our commitment to evolving with our users' needs, providing versatile and robust benchmark testing.

Procyon isn't just a suite of benchmark tests. It's a powerful tool designed specifically for professional users engaged in industry, enterprise, government, retail and reviewer roles to measure and maximize performance.

Annika Laaksonen, product manager, Benchmarks
Soumyajit Chatterjee, project manager, Benchmarks
Geoff Tomcik, sales manager, Benchmarks

Please note this webinar is conducted in English.

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