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Procyon® Insights

The Procyon® Professional Benchmark Suite is a multiplatform benchmarking suite targeted at professionals, covering battery life, photo and video editing, office productivity and AI inference performance testing. Our flexible licensing option allows you to choose the benchmarks relevant to your needs.

Employees lose an average of two weeks of productive time each year dealing with computer wait times and performance issues*. Benchmarking automation undertaking regular performance checks on your employees’ Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers can save your company time and money and help make more informed purchasing decisions.

This insights page is a resource hub for those interested in our Procyon benchmarking suite. It aims to provide information on how our benchmarks can optimize your productivity, trend analyses and tutorials on how to recognize a good score.

The importance of PC performance benchmarks in the workplace and at home

For a deeper dive into how our Procyon benchmarks can help bridge the gap within hybrid working teams and enable IT teams to overcome challenges, read our Procyon overview.

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Guide to Efficient PC Performance Testing for Enterprise IT

Download this complimentary UL Solutions e-book, where we discuss the core qualities of a good benchmark, how to save time and cut costs with benchmarking, and the power of consistent and repeatable testing.


Procyon benchmarking: interview with an expert

Read our interview with Procyon’s product manager, Annika Laaksonen, on the challenges surrounding PC benchmarking, how vital it is for optimizing productivity and what UL Solutions has planned next.

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Visualize Procyon benchmarking

Our Procyon infographic highlights the main aspects and benefits of the Procyon benchmarking suite.

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Computer benchmark licensing with UL Solutions

At UL Solutions, our professional benchmarking programs help customers make informed PC maintenance and purchasing decisions, saving our customers money and time.

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Optimize productivity with Procyon® multiplatform

Watch our expert-led on-demand webinar highlighting the innovative advancements that our benchmarks have brought to market this year, particularly in strengthening our enterprise products, Procyon® and Testdriver® Cloud Edition.

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