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The Importance of PC Performance Benchmarks in the Workplace and at Home

PCs are omnipresent in both work and home offices. Usually, computers do their job. But with time, software and application updates may stress PC performance and memory. When performance slows due to more demanding software and less memory space, or when a PC fails, work can come to a frustrating halt. Employees lose an average of two weeks of productive time each year dealing with computer wait times and performance issues*. It is of paramount importance, then, to keep PCs running efficiently. To do that, IT managers, retailers and press reviewers need relevant, standardized tools to assess PC performance on-site or remotely.

For many IT professionals, the best PC assessment tool may be a performance benchmark. A benchmark tests how well a product performs a function and how that performance compares across similar products. A computer benchmarking program runs a series of tests to measure PC performance. The program scores a PC system’s performance: the higher the score, the better the performance. Comparing benchmark scores is easier than comparing complex technical specifications, allowing for informed, rapid decisions to deliver PC performance, cut hardware costs and save testing time.

Procyon® benchmark suite

At UL Solutions, we have bundled industry-standard benchmarks for professional users into a benchmark suite: Procyon. Each Procyon benchmark provides a familiar, consistent experience by sharing a common design and feature set. You can purchase the entire suite or choose particular benchmarks that meet your needs — and then customize those benchmarks to fine-tune the tests further. Procyon benchmarks are designed for specific use cases and use real applications where possible. We work closely with industry partners to ensure that every Procyon benchmark is:

  • Accurate — Consistently produces true and precise results
  • Relevant — Measures the most important performance elements
  • Neutral — Free of any product or vendor bias

How benchmarks help overcome IT challenges

Beyond helping employees with day-to-day computer issues, IT specialists standardize PC purchasing decisions based on system performance. They validate new hardware and Windows configurations to determine system stability. They quantify the performance impact of the operating system image changes and application updates and identify poorly performing systems. IT pros also test and measure PC performance against baselines. Benchmarks help with these tasks by standardizing performance testing and reporting.

Benchmarks support every stage in the PC life cycle. They aid planning and procurement by simplifying PC performance comparison and cost justification. For validation and standardization, benchmarks test and compare the performance of new PCs against user-defined baselines checking performance before and after the installation of images, software or applications. Benchmarks provide reliable insights and reporting through efficient and automated remote performance testing. Benchmark results help IT teams make informed PC life-cycle decisions and ultimately decide whether to optimize or replace PC networks.

The optimum benchmark measures PC performance with a set of tests that covers the wide variety of tasks performed in the workplace. The benchmark score evaluates overall performance, while subscores focus on the performance of such specific activities as:

  • Web browsing
  • Video conferencing​
  • Time to starts apps
  • Working with documents and spreadsheets

IT pros need PCs that perform multiple activities simultaneously through various open applications. Benchmarks help IT make sure their PCs or the PCs they intend to purchase can do the job.

UL Procyon Office Productivity Benchmark

Office Productivity Benchmark

The Procyon Office Productivity Benchmark uses Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to measure PC performance and produce consistent, repeatable results. This benchmark is compatible with Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers.

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UL Procyon AI Inference Benchmark for Windows

AI Inference Benchmark for Android

The AI Inference Benchmark measures the speed and accuracy of dedicated artificial intelligence-processing hardware in Android devices and verifies Android Neural Networks API (NNAPI) implementation quality.

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UL Procyon Video Editing Benchmark

Video Editing Benchmark

The Video Editing Benchmark uses Adobe Premiere Pro to measure the time taken to export video project files to common formats.

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UL Procyon Photo Editing Benchmark

Photo Editing Benchmark

The Photo Editing Benchmark measures PC performance through the use of Adobe Lightroom to import, process and modify a selection of images and Adobe Photoshop to test multiple edits and layer effects. This benchmark is compatible with Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers.

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UL Procyon Battery Life Benchmark

Battery Life Benchmark

The Battery Life Benchmark measures and compares the battery life of Windows laptops, notebooks and tablets to produce a battery life profile across different scenarios, including video playback,idle, and office productivity.

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UL Procyon AI Inference Benchmark for Android

Testdriver Cloud Edition

Testdriver Cloud Edition is cloud-based benchmark automation software that allows for the remote testing and monitoring of systems in multiple locations.

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UL Procyon Battery Life Benchmark

AI Inference Benchmark for Windows

The Procyon AI Inference Benchmark for Windows gives insights into how AI inference engines perform on your hardware in a Windows environment, helping you decide which engines to support to achieve the best performance.

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Save time and money with Procyon

Procyon can help IT procurement teams optimize and maintain their fleet of organizational devices. When a company buys PCs in volume, the cost savings can be significant. For large PC environments, the addition of Testdriver Cloud Edition pushes the value even further by automating the testing of numerous PCs over your network or from the cloud.

IT professionals around the world choose Procyon benchmarks to measure, understand and manage computer hardware performance. Our trusted and widely used performance tests help IT professionals make better and more informed decisions.

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