News from January 2013

3DMark gets a launch date

January 31, 2013

Benchmarking begins Monday February 4 at 18:00 UTC

After a feverish few weeks of polishing and honing, the Windows version of our new 3DMark is finally complete and ready for release. The launch will be on Monday February 4, 2013 at 18:00 UTC.

There is more work and testing to be done on the Android, iOS and Windows RT versions, but we are aiming for a short gap between releases, think weeks rather than months.

In the meantime, we'd like to show you some of the new result tools we've added to 3DMark.

New result features in 3DMark

3DMark results screen

3DMark uses a combination of in-app features and online web services to help you understand the performance of your hardware. In these screenshots from the Windows version you can see the new performance graphs that accompany each test score. For components that support it, 3DMark records frames per second (FPS), GPU and CPU temperatures as well as CPU power and clock speed during the benchmark run.

Interactive performance graphs

3DMark detailed results screen

These graphs are interactive too. You can zoom in, change the scale and pan the chart to focus on a specific part of the benchmark run. You can click on the lines to get the numbers for that point in time, which is a useful way to check peak temperatures during the benchmark run, for example.

Discuss this update in the 3DMark forum.

New 3DMark - what's taking so long?

January 23, 2013

Over the last couple of weeks more and more people have been asking when we plan to release the new 3DMark. We usually avoid talking about release dates since it tends to have a jinxing effect on even the best-laid plans. Now that 2013 is here and the end of January is approaching, however, we do feel like we owe you an update.

3DMark Fire Strike screenshot

3DMark Fire Strike - showcase DirectX 11 benchmark for high-performance Windows PCs.

As you may know, we work with many of the world's leading technology companies when creating our benchmarks. We work closely with the engineers and technicians at AMD, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and many other companies, benefiting from their insights and expertise.

We work with our Benchmark Development Program partners from start to finish, from the initial specification document to the final software release. BPD members receive every development build and have access to source code to see how the benchmark functions.

3DMark Cloud Gate screenshot

3DMark Cloud Gate - benchmark test for Windows notebooks and typical home PCs.

We believe that this open process of close cooperation with industry experts is the only way way to create accurate and impartial benchmarks that measure performance fairly. Having high-level access to the industry's leaders also ensures that our benchmarks are not only relevant for today's hardware, but remain relevant year after year.

If there is a downside, it's that it takes time to gather and resolve the feedback from so many partners, and that is where we find ourselves today. Simply put, 3DMark will be ready when it's ready, which we expect will be sooner rather than later.

3DMark Ice Storm screenshot

3DMark Ice Storm - cross-platform benchmark Windows, Windows RT, Android and iOS mobile devices.

What is certain is that the new 3DMark will be our best benchmark yet and well worth waiting for. There is still content that we haven't shown and new features that we haven't talked about, so keep an eye on the official 3DMark page and 3DMark forums for further updates as we get ever closer to launch. 

We are hiring! Open positions at Futuremark

January 17, 2013

Futuremark works at the cutting edge of technology, developing software benchmarks such as 3DMark and PCMark to measure the performance of the next generation of PC hardware and mobile devices. Working as a member of our talented and experienced team will give you an excellent opportunity to improve your existing skills, while learning new ones. We offer varied and interesting challenges and work with many of the world's leading technology companies. We respect the importance of work-life balance and are committed to providing a relaxed, comfortable and healthy working environment. Above all, we value creating great things.

Front End / User Experience Developer

We are looking for a passionate, talented front end developer to join our development team in Espoo, Finland. You will join our user experience team to create, plan and develop user experiences for all Futuremark products. We work on platforms ranging from the web to native clients to mobile platforms.You will develop innovative experiences for both existing and emerging platforms, work with large quantities of interesting real world data and provide services for a global user base. This is a full-time, permanent position.

Java Developer

We are looking for a talented Java developer to join our development team in Espoo, Finland. You will join our user experience team in providing the online services, websites and data storage for Futuremark's products. You will have the opportunity to develop applications on Windows x86, ARM, Android, iOS and Mac OS X. You will also participate in the development of our websites and software clients, gaining a complete understanding of how our products and services interact and complement each other. This is a full-time, permanent position.


We are looking for an enthusiastic Programmer to join our Benchmark development team in Espoo, Finland. You will join our talented system benchmark programming team, responsible for developing the technology behind PCMark, one of our flagship products. PCMark works on Windows PCs from laptops to server hardware, giving you opportunity to work with a variety of different hardware and software components. This is a full-time, permanent position.

Find out more about these roles and apply



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