3DMark Support for iOS Apps

3DMark iOS app FAQ

Which 3DMark app should I install to test my device?

If you have an iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, or a newer model, you should use the 3DMark Sling Shot app.

To benchmark earlier models, you should download the 3DMark Ice Storm app.

The 3DMark API Overhead app includes a specialized test for comparing the performance of APIs. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatibility starts with iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and runs to the latest models.

Why are there separate apps for each 3DMark test in the App Store?

With the Android and Windows editions of 3DMark, you can choose which tests you want to install in the application. You can also uninstall tests to free up storage space.

Unfortunately, due to the way that the Apple App Store handles updates and downloadable content (DLC), we are not able to use the same approach on iOS devices.

Can I compare my results with scores from Android devices?

Yes, scores from benchmarks with the same name can be compared across platforms.

Scores from tests with different names are not comparable. For instance, Sling Shot scores should not be compared with scores from Sling Shot Extreme. Even though the tests appear to be similar, they use different rendering resolutions and post-processing techniques.

When comparing scores across platforms, please note that the results reflect the performance of both hardware and software. APIs with low overhead, such as Metal and Vulkan, can deliver more performance than OpenGL ES even on devices with similar hardware.

Why are there no Android devices in the Best Devices list?

We know that many people would like to compare the performance of their iPhone and iPad with the latest Android devices. Unfortunately, Apple's rules for apps and the App Store forbid us from including Android devices or mentions of other platforms in our apps.

You can compare Apple and Android devices with the best smartphones and best tablets lists on our website.

Why can't I see my result in the Best Devices list?

The Best Devices list is not a "Hall of Fame". The scores are averages of results from users with the same device, with unusually high or low results excluded. For popular models, the average is calculated from thousands of individual results. The aim of the Best Devices list is to show how devices typically perform with stock settings.

You can find your own personal best scores on the "My Device" screen in the app.

Where can I find more technical detail about the tests?

Our 3DMark technical guide contains detailed descriptions of the tests and an explanation of how scores are calculated. The guide covers all platforms, including iOS.

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