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VRMark Android Edition FAQ

Which VRMark benchmark test should I use to test my device?

VRMark includes two benchmark tests. You can find these tests on the My tests screen in the app.

  • Use the Amber Room benchmark to test the peak performance of your Android device.
  • Use the Purple Room benchmark to test if a device can maintain the required level of performance over an extended period of time.
  • Use the Experience Mode to see for yourself how well your device compensates for missed frames.

What are the hardware requirements for the Android version of VRMark?

OS: Android 7.0 or later
Processor: Arm
API: OpenGL ES 3.1 or OpenGL ES 3.0 with MSAA support

What VR headsets does VRMark support?

VRMark can run on Daydream View and Google Cardboard. It does not support Samsung Gear VR.

Why can't I see my result in the Best Devices list?

The Best Devices list is not a "Hall of Fame". The scores are averages of results from users with the same device, with unusually high or low results excluded. For popular models, the average is calculated from thousands of individual results. The aim of the Best Devices list is to show how devices typically perform with stock settings.

You can find your own personal best scores on the "My Device" screen in the app.

My VRMark scores seem to vary wildly between runs. Can I trust these results?

Some high-performance devices use aggressive thermal throttling to control the temperatures of the processors inside the device. As the device heats up it intentionally slows the processor to avoid overheating, which in turn leads to lower performance scores on successive runs.

To reduce this effect, we recommended waiting 15 minutes between runs to allow the device to cool down. You should also unplug the device during testing as the battery charging circuitry also generates heat. Try running the test in a cool environment. Don't run the benchmark in direct sunlight or near sources of heat, for example. For more tips on getting the best results from your device, please see our How to Benchmark page.

VRMark does not show all the details for my device. Why is that?

We have not yet mapped your device in our database. There are thousands of compatible Android devices, and we are working hard to map and verify them all. You can get the latest list by completely closing the VRMark app on your device, then restarting it. We refresh the database every hour.

If you have a brand new device model, please feel free to report the problem and include a link to a website detailing the hardware specs of your device.

Even if your device is not identified, your benchmark score is still perfectly valid for making comparisons.

Some of the hardware details shown for my device are incorrect.

We do our best to verify all data. There is a button at the bottom of the "My Device" page where you can report errors you have spotted. Please describe what you believe is incorrect.

Do note that some popular phone models can have different hardware depending on where and when they were bought, even if they share the same model name. You may want to first verify your exact model so that you are absolutely certain the data is in error.

If you notice that we have mis-mapped a device (i.e. the data fits another model of the same device but not yours), do mention that when reporting the issue.

Can I run the benchmarks in VR?

The benchmark tests use an animated camera. For your own comfort, you should not wear your headset while the test is running.

How can I run the Experience mode on Daydream?

You need a Daydream-ready device to run the Experience mode in Daydream view. There are two options to run the Experience Mode in Daydream view.

Option 1

  1. Download the test DLC in the VRMark app.
  2. Place your device in the Daydream headset (the NFC setting needs to be on).
  3. Press the Daydream button to awaken the controller.
  4. From the Daydream Library select VRMark.
  5. In the White Room select either the Indigo, Purple, Amber Room Experience Mode with the controller or by gazing at the test frame.
  6. To exit the Experience Mode, hit the Back button on the controller.

Option 2

  1. Go to VR settings in the VRMark app and select Daydream View under headset.
  2. Tap on the VR headset icon of a tests from My tests screen.
  3. Place the device in the Daydream headset.
  4. Press the Daydream button to awaken the controller.
  5. The Experience for the selected test will start.
  6. To exit the Experience Mode, hit the Back button on the controller.

Where can I find more technical detail about the tests?

Our VRMark technical guide contains detailed descriptions of the tests and an explanation of how scores are calculated.

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