News from February 2014

Recommend your Android device with 3DMark

February 21, 2014

We've updated our 3DMark Android benchmark app. The main change is a new feature that lets you recommend your phone or tablet to other 3DMark users. You can already see mobile devices ranked by popularity on our website. Soon you'll be able to see which phones and tablets generate the most personal recommendations too.

The other changes in this update help prepare 3DMark for our new OpenGL ES 3.0 tests, which are coming soon. For a start, 3DMark now supports the ability to install and uninstall benchmark tests from within the app. With this change you will be able to better manage the limited storage space on your device by installing only the most suitable 3DMark benchmark tests.

We've made it easier to install 3DMark on to AOSP devices, and to install via sideloading when there is no network available. 

Finally, we've also translated 3DMark into Simplified Chinese to better support our users in China and the surrounding area. 

New in 3DMark Android 1.3.1309

Benchmark scores are unaffected by this update.


  • Do you love your phone? Let other 3DMark users know with the new Recommend My Device feature.
  • 3DMark Android benchmark is now available in Simplified Chinese.


  • 3DMark now supports the ability to install and uninstall benchmark tests from within the app. Look out for new tests coming soon.
  • Improved UI rendering performance.


  • Now requires Android 4.0.0 or higher. Android 3.2 support has been retired. 
  • Fixed a compatibility issue affecting Sony Xperia SP and Samsung Galaxy S III models with the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 chip.
  • Improved reliability on devices with less than the recommended 1 GB of memory.
  • Support for installing 3DMark on AOSP devices that cannot access the Google Play store.
  • Sideloading support for networkless installation.


3DMark is a free Android benchmark app available from Google Play.

Futuremark announces Servermark benchmark

February 13, 2014

Companies Invited to Join Benchmark Development Program

Today we announced Servermark™, a new benchmark for measuring and comparing the performance of servers. Designed for industry, enterprise and press users, Servermark will be a comprehensive benchmarking tool for x86-based servers running Linux and will be especially suitable for testing virtual machines. Servermark will feature a variety of benchmark tests for web servers, file servers, database servers, media servers and other common server use cases.  

As with all Futuremark benchmarks, Servermark will be developed in partnership with leading hardware companies. Servermark Benchmark Development Program™ members will have the opportunity to provide input at all stages of development in addition to receiving regular development builds and complimentary site licenses for the new benchmark.  

Companies interested in joining the Servermark Benchmark Development Program should call Jani Joki on +358 40 766 7466 (UTC+2) or email 

Jukka Mäkinen, our CEO says, 

"We take great pride in working with the world's top technology companies to create the industry's most relevant and widely used benchmarks. I invite all companies with an interest in server performance to join our Benchmark Development Program and help create a new industry standard benchmark for server performance."

Jani Joki, Futuremark Director of Engineering says,

"Servermark will offer IT professionals an accurate and reliable benchmark for evaluating real-world server performance in enterprise and business environments. Servermark will be the ideal complement to PCMark and Powermark, expanding our range of enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes."

Find out more about Servermark and the Benchmark Development Program on our website.

Minor updates to 3DMark 11 and 3DMark Vantage

February 7, 2014

We've released minor updates for 3DMark 11 and 3DMark Vantage.

3DMark 11 v1.0.132

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are not affected. 

  • New installer technology (similar to 3DMark and PCMark 8).
  • SystemInfo updated to v4.25.366 to improve hardware detection.
  • User interface now shows all GPUs present in the system.
  • Fixed a few rare crashes within the user interface.

3DMark Vantage v1.1.3

This is a minor update for the installer. The benchmark is unchanged and will still show version number 1.1.2 in the user interface. Benchmark scores are not affected. 

  • PhysX installer updated to 9.13.1220
  • SystemInfo installer updated to 4.25.366

Minor update for PCMark 8

February 4, 2014

We've released a minor update for PCMark 8. Benchmark scores are not affected.

PCMark 8 v2.0.204

  • Fixed an issue that prevented PCMark 8 from launching after a recent Steam update.
  • Fixed an issue with Expanded Storage tests (Professional Edition only) that could result in the unintentional removal of the partition table from a non-empty drive.

Find out more about PCMark 8, the complete benchmark for Windows.



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