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How to download 3DMark

3DMark Basic Edition

Download from Steam


Steam is the only officially supported channel for downloading 3DMark Basic Edition.

Steam is a popular digital platform for games and software that is available in over 200 territories and 28 languages. When you download 3DMark from Steam you get a fast download, easy installation and automatic updates.

Click the "Download Demo" button on the Steam store page to download 3DMark Basic Edition.

3DMark Advanced Edition

Download from Steam or 3dmark.com

Steam 3dmark.com

If you bought 3DMark from Steam, you can download it again by going to the 3DMark store page in Steam and clicking on the "Use Now" button.

If you previously bought 3DMark from our online store, go to 3dmark.com, sign in, then navigate to the Settings page. Scroll down to the KEYS section, find 3DMark, then click on the download icon.

If you have a 3DMark key but you don't have a 3dmark.com account, or you have a key but it doesn't appear on your account, then first go to 3dmark.com and create an account or sign in. Then go to the Settings page, scroll down and add your key to your account. Refresh the page, then click the download icon to the right of your license to download 3DMark.

3DMark Professional Edition

Contact us

Business Press

If you are a business customer or a member of the press with a valid 3DMark Professional Edition license, please contact us if you need to download the application again.

3DMark Professional Edition license keys start with "3DM-P" and have the following format: