Futuremark Corporation releases 3DMark99 MAX

March 8, 1999

Toronto, Canada - March 8th, 1999 FUTUREMARK CORPORATION RELEASES 3DMARK™ 99 MAX - The only benchmark that objectively measures both Intel Pentium III SIMD and AMD 3DNow! technology Futuremark Corporation today, Monday, March 8th 1999, released 3DMark™ 99 MAX - a content update to 3DMark 99, the world's most popular DirectX6 3D benchmark. Released four months ago 3DMark 99 - The Gamers' Benchmark is the world's first forward looking 3D benchmark that is aimed directly at the 3D gaming community. 3DMark 99 MAX strengthens this position by adding CPU optimizations for Intel Pentium III and AMD K6-III, more complex content, tests and Internet interactivity. With the current distribution of over 4.7 million copies in four months and adoption by over 70 publications world-wide, 3DMark 99 is the most widely used 3D benchmark in the world. The major improvements in 3DMark 99 MAX include: 1. Cutting edge optimizations for new processor technology 2. Bump mapping tests 3. Comprehensive Batch Run feature 4. Internet Interactivity The benchmark will be available for public download from http://www.3dmark.com at 4 p.m. PST on the 8th of March 1999. "The MAX release takes 3D and system testing to a new dimension. For the first time ever we can offer users real proof of the power of SIMD instructions and tools that offer internet interaction." says Aki Jarvilehto, Managing Director of Futuremark. Optimizations for Pentium III and AMD 3DNow! 3DMark 99 MAX is the first benchmark ever that has been optimized to fully support both Intel Pentium III SIMD and AMD 3DNow! instructions at the engine level. In order to ensure proper and reliable testing the optimizations have been developed in cooperation with respective companies. "We see 3DMark 99 MAX as one of the most comprehensive 3D benchmarks on the market today for testing the 3D performance of both processors and systems. We are pleased that this benchmark highlights the performance benefits of Pentium® III processors with it's Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions (S.S.E.)," said Mike Aymar, Vice President, Intel Corporation. The MAX release also offers user easy to use tools for analyzing the effectiveness of the optimizations. "With 3DMark 99 MAX, Futuremark has created a unique performance tool capable of benchmarking the power of 3DNow! technology to accelerate leading-edge graphic and multimedia applications," said Dana Krelle, Vice President of Marketing at AMD and continues: "3DMark successfully demonstrates the SIMD capabilities of 3DNow! technology currently supported in more than 10 million PCs powered by AMD-K6-2 and AMD-K6-III processors." Internet interactivity with Global Compare and Hardware Upgrade features New exciting features include Global Compare and Hardware Upgrade tools. Global Compare is a powerful feature that let's 3DMark users compare their results with others around the world to ensure optimal performance. Hardware Upgrade feature is a totally radical new approach to benchmarking as it allows 3DMark 99 MAX users to see how other graphic cards would perform if they were installed in their PC's! No other benchmark has EVER offered this level of functionality. "We are tremendously excited to take benchmarking to a new level. The Internet allows us to add value to 3DMark by incorporating the ultimate upgrade tool," commented Nathan Harley, Director of Sales and Marketing. The Hardware Upgrade functionality will come on-line one to two weeks after the release of 3DMark 99 MAX. Available for the Gamers and Testing Labs everywhere 3DMark is available for EVERYONE to use. Magazines, web site owners, manufactures can all use and publish 3DMark results without charge. As Futuremark is privately owned you can be guaranteed of completely independent test results. 3DMark offers quality publishers across the world an independent third party testing solution. Further details on distribution are available by contacting Futuremark Corporation at press@futuremark.com. Futuremark encourages manufacturers and magazines to distribute the free version of 3DMark 99 MAX to create strong and reliable 3D-performance standard for game developers around the world. 3DMark 99 MAX Professional Edition includes all advanced testing features In addition to the basic benchmarking features in 3DMark 99 MAX, Futuremark also released enhanced commercial PRO version of 3DMark for the demanding benchmarking professionals. All existing 3DMark 99 Pro licenses are automatically upgraded to include the 99 MAX version free of charge. For further 3DMark-related information, please refer to MadOnion.com. 3DMark™ 99 and Futuremark™ are trademarks of Futuremark Corporation, Ltd. MAX-FX Technology™ is a trademark of Remedy Entertainment, Ltd. All other brands and names are property of their respective owners. For more information please refer to MadOnion.com or: MadOnion.com Nathan Harley, Director of Marketing and Sales e-mail: nathan@madonion.com, Tel: + 1 (416) 9726275 Fax: + 1 (416) 9698916 MadOnion.com (Canada) 1235 Bay Street, Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3K4 CANADA