Futuremark And TerraTec Provide Real-Time Graphics Performance Analysis to German PC Users

December 17, 2002

Performance Analyzer service helps consumers determine Best Buy upgrades for their PC

Saratoga, California USA & Nettetal, Germany – December 17th, 2002 - TerraTec Electronic today announced the integration of Futuremark® Corporation’s Performance Analyzer as a branded service to their worldwide clients and site visitors. The service enables TerraTec’s clients and shoppers to view their system components and see how much more performance their PC can get with higher performing TerraTec Mystify™ graphics cards. This is the first time that Futuremark®’s Performance Analyzer has been localized and branded exclusively for a German speaking audience. In order to use this unique service, please visit: http://www.terratec.de
According to Dirk Schunk, TerraTec’s Director of Project Management, “the Performance Analyzer is an integral part of our marketing strategy and provides an excellent return on investment; we now provide European gamers with objective information they need to make an educated purchase decision" he said. Futuremark®'s 3DMark™ benchmark data backs up the excellent performance of the new Mystify™ display cards produced by TerraTec.
The service detects over 300 attributes of a user’s PC and uses this information to estimate optimal graphics card and memory upgrades. By upgrading to a higher performing TerraTec Mystify™ graphics card, users will see smoother 3D action and more movie-like graphics.
Futuremark® has emerged as the leading provider of benchmarking resources for the PC industry. “The Performance Analyzer service gives our partners a significant competitive advantage,” said Tero Sarkkinen, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Futuremark®. “By incorporating the service on their site, TerraTec now can market their graphics cards in an unprecedented fashion,” said Sarkkinen.
In recent surveys, users have praised the Performance Analyzer’s ease of use and its accountability. Users’ feedback also suggests a significant positive effect in the final purchasing decisions. According to one user of the Performance Analyzer: "The 3DMark info weighed heavily, if not solely on my purchase decision".

About TerraTec
In 1994, Terratec Electronic GmbH set out to make its mark from the Lower Rhine town of Nettetal, Germany. Since then, Germany's largest manufacturer of sound cards has evolved into one of the largest multimedia enterprises in Europe. Its product portfolio ranges from audio systems, video, graphics and TV cards for PCs to HiFi consumer products for digital radio and MP3. TerraTec has demonstrated its innovative power in the multimedia sector with its "EWS Technology" and "4G Sound" standards. The company has an international reach and generated sales of around EUR 24 million in the last business year. For more information, please visit http://www.terratec.de.

About Futuremark® Corporation
Futuremark® Corporation, formerly known as MadOnion.com™, is the leading provider of PC performance information and web services. Futuremark® is known around the world for its benchmark products, including the 3DMark® Series and PCMark™2002 (with more than 30 million copies distributed worldwide) and value-added services powered by a database of over 5 million real life benchmarking results. Futuremark® has offices in Saratoga, California and Helsinki, Finland. For more information, please visit http://www.futuremark.com

Company Contacts:
Futuremark Corporation
Mr. Tero Sarkkinen
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Phone: +1-408-517-0131
Email: tero@futuremark.com
Terratec Electronic GmbH
Dirk Schunk
Director of Project Management
Phone: +49 (0) 2157 / 8179-0
Email: dirk.schunk@terratec.de

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