Bitboys, Developer of Mobile Graphic Solutions, Joins Futuremark’s Smartphone Benchmark Development Program

February 24, 2004

Bitboys, Developer of Mobile Graphic Solutions, Joins Futuremark’s Smartphone Benchmark Development Program

Saratoga, CA and Espoo, Finland – February 24, 2004 – Futuremark® Corporation, a leading provider of computer performance analysis software and services, today announced that Bitboys Oy, a provider of mobile graphic solutions, is the newest member in Futuremark’s Benchmark Development Program for Symbian based smartphones.
“We are delighted that Bitboys joined our Smartphone Benchmark Development Program. They will greatly add value to the program that consists of leaders of the mobile graphics industry and whose objective is to provide customers with objective, certifiable performance evaluations of their technology," said Tero Sarkkinen, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Futuremark. "We hope and expect that Bitboys will play a key role in the further development of Futuremark’s suite of benchmarks aimed at mobile applications, which will provide an excellent opportunity for Bitboys to showcase the capabilities of its new Acceleon™ mobile graphics solutions."
Announced in July 2003, Bitboys’ Acceleon™ is a family of graphics processors for embedded and mobile devices. Acceleon G10™, G20™, and G30™ each provide a full host of features, enabling and accelerating graphical content on mobile phones and other handheld devices. Such content includes the entire visual user interface, next-generation mobile games and interactive applications.
"Bitboys is keenly interested in helping advance the development of meaningful performance benchmarks for mobile applications. These efforts will promote industry integrity by offering mobile users a reliable platform upon which to make informed choices" said Petri Nordlund, CTO of Bitboys.
Key industry partners, including ATI Technologies, Imagination Technologies (PowerVR), Intel, Khronos Group, Neomagic, and NVIDIA, have already joined Futuremark’s Smartphone Benchmark Development Program, announced at CES in January this year.
Futuremark Corporation has completed the initial specification and has now started the implementation of the new mobile platform benchmark. It will measure the performance and power efficiency of Symbian based smartphones and will include OpenGL ES API 3D game scenes, image processing as well as native Symbian applications such as address book and calendar. Symbian is software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS, the global open industry standard operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones.
The completed benchmark is scheduled for shipment during the second quarter of this year. Smartphone Benchmark Development Program members have access to all development versions of the benchmark. Upon launch, the benchmark will become publicly available as a binary executable.

About Bitboys
Bitboys Oy is a graphics hardware company, focused on the optimization of graphics performance within tight space, power and size constraints. Founded in 1991, with offices in Noormarkku and Espoo in Finland, Bitboys Oy is a boutique design laboratory with a decade of experience in graphics research and hardware development. For more information, please visit or email

About Futuremark® Corporation
Futuremark® Corporation is the leading provider of performance analysis software and services for PCs and smartphones. Futuremark® is known around the world for its benchmark products, including the 3DMark® Series and PCMark™ (with more than 30 million copies distributed worldwide) and value-added services powered by a database of over 10 million real life benchmarking results. Futuremark® has offices in Saratoga, California and Helsinki, Finland. For more information, please visit

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