Performance Analyzer Revolutionizes Online Shopping for PCs and Components

August 14, 2001

Database of 3,000,000 PC configurations allows real-time performance comparisons - without compromising privacy

Saratoga, CA – August 14, 2001 - today announced the availability of online PC performance comparisons powered by its unique database of more than 3,000,000 performance profiles.™'s new Performance Analyzer service enables PC shoppers to view their system components and compare the performance of their current system with new products while shopping online. During the session, only hardware attributes are captured - to ensure privacy, no software or other personal information is required.
Even for the most knowledgeable consumers, shopping for PCs and components on the Internet has required complex decisions based on subjective input or personal bias.'s Performance Analyzer service makes the process of making intelligent PC purchasing decisions SIMPLE. It provides quick and easy performance comparisons for both new PCs and components, such as graphics adapters. According to Kelt Reeves, President of Falcon Northwest Computers, "For every shopper trying to make the difficult decision of what new PC to spend their money on, is a fantastic new ally for them. The Performance Analyzer has given visitors to our site a real-time, independent and unbiased measurement of just how much more 3D performance our new systems will give them over their current system. It's more personal and more timely than any magazine or website review of our systems.”
The Performance Analyzer quickly scans an online shopper's current system, compares the most critical components to's database of benchmark scores from similar systems, and displays performance projections in a format anyone can understand. For the first time, PC shoppers can easily see how much a new computer or an upgrade will improve their performance! Simple graphs and percentage values make purchasing decisions easy, even for the novice user. "With our Performance Analyzer technology, we can tell a PC shopper exactly how a new system or an upgrade will perform - before they have to spend a dime", said Tero Sarkkinen, Executive Vice President of Sales for
Companies that design, manufacture or sell PCs and components will be able to compete for market share by offering a level of service never before known in the industry. Initial customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. An amazing 77% of site visitors have responded that the Performance Analyzer has had a positive effect on their purchase decision. expects broad acceptance of the new Performance Analyzer service throughout the PC industry. With's firm commitment to the consumer, PC buyers can now enjoy a high level of purchasing confidence.

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