3DMark update adds new Steam achievements, trading cards, and more!

September 27, 2021

As well as selling games and software, Steam offers a variety of features that help gamers play, connect, and share experiences. 

In today's community-focused 3DMark update, we're adding more Steam achievements to unlock, a set of Steam Trading Cards to collect, and new badges, emoticons, and Steam profile backgrounds to reward gamers who benchmark with 3DMark.

3DMark Steam achievements

New Steam achievements

Steam achievements provide a fun way to get more from your favorite titles. Whether it's from completing a challenge or trying a new strategy, Steam achievements reward you for exploring every corner and using every feature.

We've added 17 new Steam achievements for you to unlock in 3DMark. Show off your PC tweaking skills by displaying them on your Steam profile.

Our new achievements reward you for a variety of feats, from setting a legendary score and keeping your components cool to exploring our DirectX 12 Ultimate feature tests and experimenting with custom benchmark settings.

We've updated some of our older achievements so that you can unlock them with our newer benchmarks and tests. We've also removed a few achievements that were either excessively difficult or incompatible with modern hardware trends.

3DMark Steam Trading Cards

Steam Trading Cards

This update adds six Steam Trading Cards that you can earn by using 3DMark or trading with other players.

Each card features a character from our most popular benchmarks and tests presented as high-resolution rendered artwork. Steam users can open up each card to view the full, uncropped 1920 × 1080 version of the art.

3DMark Steam profile example

Steam profile content

Collect and redeem a complete set of trading cards to unlock new 3DMark badges, emoticons, and profile backgrounds. You can also acquire these items through the 3DMark Steam Points Shop. Customize your Steam profile and show off your dedication to achieving peak PC performance!

Available now

The new Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and Steam Profile Content are available now with the Steam version of 3DMark. Download the latest version and start collecting today!