Futuremark Adds New Head of Mobile Business and Names Director of PC Operations

September 19, 2006

Futuremark Adds New Head of Mobile Business and Names Director of PC Operations

Petri Talala appointed as Vice President of Mobile Business; Jukka Mäkinen promoted to Director of PC Operations

Saratoga, California and Espoo, Finland - September 19th, 2006 - Futuremark Corporation, providers of world's leading performance benchmarks and services to the PC and handheld device industries announced today the appointment of Petri Talala as Vice President of Mobile Business. He will report directly to Risto Vehviläinen, CEO of Futuremark. Futuremark also announced today the promotion of Jukka Mäkinen to Director of PC Business Operations.

Jukka Mäkinen has been with Futuremark since 2004, in their Espoo, Finland office, fulfilling the role of PC Project Manager and occupying a seat on their internal steering group. Mäkinen has been able to develop internal programming processes instrumental to Futuremark's successful execution on numerous client projects and custom demos while overseeing the technical development of PC benchmark products. In his new role, Jukka will directly manage all PC projects, PC benchmarks and related development efforts, including management of the PC Business unit technical personnel.

Petri Talala will be responsible for directing Futuremark's global mobile business operations, maintaining a focus on sales and marketing of Futuremark's mobile/handheld Benchmark Development Programs, handheld benchmark products and promoting Futuremark services in the mobile sector including technology demos and performance analysis projects.

Talala has a distinguished career in the IT and Telecom fields, holding a number of executive level positions and playing key roles building and developing businesses in those sectors. He brings substantial experience in sales, marketing and business development to the role at Futuremark, honed from his successes at leading telecom companies in North America and Europe, including LM Ericsson and Tellabs Inc. As Sales Director of SSH Communications Security Corp. Talala was responsible for SSH's UK and Ireland business. His extensive qualifications will benefit Futuremark's business developing the mobile industry's most respected and broadly adopted hardware performance benchmarks.

"Futuremark has met with much success in the mobile and handheld markets. Their reputation within the industry, combined with their assets of benchmark products, professional services, and vast experience in graphics hardware and technology assures future successes in the mobile market" said Talala. "As we develop further business in the mobile and handheld market, I'm excited to help Futuremark meet its objectives for new growth while supporting its current mobile industry partners in their goals of delivering the best performing, next generation graphics technologies."

"Futuremark's business across all our segments continues to grow and expand internationally, enabling us to secure significant business opportunities and build top level partners in the mobile and PC industries. Petri's and Jukka's appointment serve these goals well" said Tero Sarkkinen, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. "With the addition of Petri to the Futuremark team, we are better positioned than ever before to respond to the needs of our customers and deliver the best performance benchmarking tools, programs and services in the mobile and PC spaces."

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