Futuremark’s Handheld BDP adds MtekVision

September 26, 2006

Futuremark’s Handheld BDP adds MtekVision

Leading mobile multimedia IC developer becomes first Korean member in benchmark development program

September 26, 2006, Espoo, Finland - Futuremark Corporation, the industry leading provider of system performance-analysis software and services for PCs, smartphones and a variety of handheld devices, today announced that MtekVision will be the first Korean based member of its handheld benchmark development program.

"We're very pleased to share the benefits of our handheld BDP with MtekVision, a Korean semiconductor company that is driving the future of multimedia on handheld and portable devices" said Petri Talala, Futuremark's Vice President of Mobile Business Unit. "With their recently announced OpenGL ES 1.1 compliant 3D graphics core, the "Pitta-F10", Futuremark's 3D performance benchmarks will greatly benefit both the development process and the end users of devices that integrate MtekVision's new IP."

MtekVision delivers innovative IC solutions that offer high performance 3D graphics acceleration with low power consumption for mobile and portable devices. Mtekvision's Pitta-F10 IP core offering OpenGL ES 1.1 compliance and a projected 4 million polygon per second throughput at QVGA resolution will launch in late 2006. MtekVision has been providing 3D graphics accelerators and leading edge performance solutions for mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, MP3 players and voice recorders since 1999, contributing ASIC design, system design, software and product design for over 200 consumer devices. MtekVision is headquartered in Seoul with a network of sales offices and representatives in the US, UK, France, Sweden, Taiwan, Japan and China. Further information about MtekVision can be found on their website: http://www.mtekvision.com/

Futuremark Corporation produces a family of industry standard handheld platform test suites that enable any company in the portable and handheld device delivery chain to properly validate their products' and technologies' performance. Futuremark's performance benchmarks are developed in partnership with BDP members, ensuring the tests' value for fairly measuring new technology and hardware performance. 3DMarkMobile06 is the OpenGL ES 1.0 and 1.1 graphics performance gauge. SPMarkJava06 is an extensive Mobile Java MIDP 2.0 and JSR184/M3G performance measurement tool. VGMark07, still in development, will provide vector graphics performance measurement.

"MtekVision is excited to announce our partnership with Futuremark via their Handheld BDP. Our passion is to lead digital imaging technology in camera phones and camera IC, driving the evolution of machine vision" said Michael Lee, CEO of MtekVision. "With aptly designed technology benchmarks, our development teams can focus on maximizing performance."

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