NexusChips Joins Futuremark’s Benchmark Development Program

April 17, 2007

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NexusChips Joins Futuremark’s Benchmark Development Program

Futuremark Benchmarks Help NexusChips Maximize the Performance of Their Mobile 2D and 3D Graphics Solutions

Espoo, Finland – April 17, 2007 – Futuremark Corporation, the industry leading provider of system performance analysis software and services for cell phones, handhelds and PCs today announced that NexusChips based in South Korea has joined its handheld benchmark development program and also has licensed Futuremark’s 3DMark®Mobile ES 2.0 and 3DMarkMobile ES 1.1 benchmarks.

"We’re pleased to welcome NexusChips to our handheld benchmark development program. NexusChips’ focus in development of advanced high performance / low power 3D graphic acceleration chips for mobile devices reflects how critical a role objective benchmarks play in their business today and how important it is for them to be able to test their future products and technologies as well" said Petri Talala, Futuremark's VP of Mobile Business. "Our handheld BDP and 3DMarkMobile benchmarks will provide accurate performance data at every stage of their development of 3D acceleration chips and 3D functions. These technologies are the enablers for truly enjoyable 3D games and media-rich applications in future cell phones."

NexusChips develops and sells GiPump chips. It is a high performance and low power 3D graphic acceleration chip for cellular and mobile instruments.

Futuremark’s solutions help the mobile industry companies to optimize handsets’ performance and to ensure that they can support the performance requirements of the next generation of games and media-rich applications. Futuremark’s leading products include VGMark™ 1.0, SimulationMark™ ES 2.0, 3DMark®Mobile ES 1.1, 3DMark®Mobile ES 2.0, SPMark®Java JSR 184, SPMark® for Symbian OS 9, as well as Futuremark’s world leading Handheld Benchmark Development Program.

"Strong growth in the mobile 3D gaming market requires graphics performance that compares to the user experience from computer applications and game consoles. Futuremark's Handheld Benchmark Development Program provides NexusChips objective performance results that illustrate that the world-class 3D graphics performance in our GiPump solution satisfies the rigid 3D graphics rendering experience for handheld devices," said Seuk Yoon Lee, Sr. Marketing Manager for NexusChips.

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