YouGamers™, Futuremark's Web Site for PC Gamers, Dressed to Impress

August 21, 2007

YouGamers™, Futuremark's Web Site for PC Gamers, Dressed to Impress

After its successful beta stage, the site is now a complete and popular destination for the PC Gamer, full of original reviews and breaking news; Game-o-Meter™ service now supports both IE and Firefox.

Saratoga, CA - August 21, 2007 – Futuremark® Corporation, developers of 3DMark®, the worldwide standard in 3D game performance benchmarking, announced today that YouGamers™ ( has finished its beta stage successfully and is now open with significant new features and services. The site publishes PC game reviews and previews, a unique service to estimate user's PC against game performance requirements, breaking industry news, exclusive interviews, and original articles.

YouGamers has become a trusted source of information for PC gamers with game reviews that show real world game performance on PCs ranging from modest, low-end machines to high-end dedicated gaming rigs. YouGamers' database contains all the latest and most popular PC titles, with ESRB ratings and publishers' system requirements. Unique to YouGamers, readers also find game reviewers' independent hardware recommendations for enjoyable game play. Every game listing also has an easy-to-use, integrated shopping service with price comparisons and direct purchase links for that game along with recommended hardware.

YouGamers takes community development seriously, with an extensive array of traditional forum and innovative Web 2.0 features implemented to grow an active community of PC gamers. An active discussion board with over 600,000 member posts, blogs, Shoutbox for broadcasted instant messaging, user ratings, and user tagging to categorize information round out the feature list. YouGamers also offers a gaming industry breakthrough feature; member created homepages with profile information, and game PC and performance statistics.

Game-o-Meter™, YouGamers' proprietary gaming performance analysis service, is the first of its kind in gaming websites and has quickly grown to be the most popular feature in the site. The service quickly and easily shows users which games their PC can play, and how well will those games run on their systems. It also is able to suggest hardware upgrade recommendations that are specific and optimal for the user's PC. This free service is based on Futuremark's comprehensive database of over 13 million 3DMark benchmark results. The Game-o-Meter service supports Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as well as all other browsers with Java support.

YouGamers is first off the mark again with their stats pages which list all accumulated hardware details, including some surprising graphics card and operating system results. YouGamers' stats pages have proven to be a highly popular, breakout feature, giving top performing users bragging rights, and inspiring other users to build machines that compete with the best. Futuremark and YouGamers are both in a unique position to offer such services for free, since the former has the Online ResultBrowser (ORB) and the latter hosts the Game-o-Meter; both services record and rank real world user PC setups. The stats pages are found at this location on the YouGamers website:

"YouGamers is without question a unique web resource for PC gamers. Our readers find information at our site that simply does not exist anywhere else on the web. YouGamers drills deep in the relationship between a user's PC and the performance requirements of PC games by providing real world performance assessments and making upgrade recommendations that radically improve game performance of the user's PC," said Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Futuremark Corporation. "Of course, we offer reviews, news and game content, but we don't stop there. Our smarter approach to game websites takes the very best you'd hope for in a gaming website and goes a step further, altering your expectations, setting the bar far higher than ever before."

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