New Kanzi™ engine from Futuremark adds 3D graphical interfaces to mobiles

October 21, 2008

New Kanzi™ engine from Futuremark adds 3D graphical interfaces to mobiles

Manufacturers using Kanzi™ 3D user interface engine reduce development costs and time to market for next-gen mobile devices

SMARTPHONE SHOW, LONDON - OCTOBER 21, 2008 – Futuremark, creators of industry standard graphics performance software, today unveiled Kanzi™, a graphics engine that allows manufacturers to add visually stunning 3D user interfaces to mobile phones and other embedded devices.

Futuremark is previewing a next generation mobile UI prototype developed using Kanzi, running on Texas Instruments’ OMAP™ 3 application engine, to selected audiences at the Smartphone Show from October 21-22.

As well as effortlessly producing PC-quality advanced 3D graphics, Kanzi also supports the very latest interface technologies such as touch screen, multi-touch, 3D animation and high resolutions.

In a recent project for Audi AG, the Kanzi engine delivered a fully rendered car dashboard including instruments, navigation, infotainment and environmental controls, all displayed in real-time 3D graphics.

Petri Talala, Vice President of Futuremark’s Mobile and Embedded Group, said, "The user interface is as important as the physical design of the product. The Kanzi™ engine lets designers and engineers quickly and easily build advanced 3D graphical interfaces that will delight customers."

Kanzi technology is already used by almost every major semiconductor company in the form of Futuremark’s OpenGL® ES benchmarks, software which helps tune the performance of new chips.

Markus Tremmel, Worldwide Wireless Ecosystem Manager, Texas Instruments said, "As mobile phones become ever more sophisticated, so do users' expectations of how they interact with them. Using Kanzi™ and our latest OMAP 3 solution, Futuremark enhanced the user experience by building a rich and intuitive 3D UI quickly and efficiently."

Kanzi is the fastest and most robust option currently available for graphical 3D user interfaces and is now offered for licensing to manufacturers of mobile, automotive and consumer electronics devices. For more information please contact Petri Talala at Futuremark.

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