Futuremark Announces the Winners for the P55 GIGABYTE OverclocKing Competition

December 8, 2009

Futuremark Announces the Winners for the P55 GIGABYTE OverclocKing Competition

Out of Forty Six Thousand Entries, Ten Score Perfect 10K 3DMarks

Saratoga, California – December 7th, 2009 - Futuremark® Corporation today released the final results for their P55 GIGABYTE OverclocKing 2009 contest. Tens of thousands entered, but only 10 contestants managed to score a perfect 10,000 3DMarks.

The Top three scorers in the P55 segment and first three to achieve 10K 3DMarks have each won the Grand Prize Package provided by GIGABYTE, Antec, Kingmax, GlacialTech and Enermax. Thirty daily winners have received the Shattered Horizon Zero-G FPS game as well as all who scored a perfect 10K 3DMarks.

Top Winning P55 3DMark Scores

1st Backspace 35628 3DMarks P55-UD6
2nd Tonis 33710 3DMarks P55-UD6
3rd Goddy 33385 3DMarks P55-UD6

10K 3DMark Scores (how close can you get!)

1st Phil Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor
2nd Goddy Intel i7 870 Processor
3rd Stabias Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
4th Wes Jordan Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor
5th Tsujimoto Intel i5 750 Processor
6th Chi-zu33 Intel i7 860 Processor
7th Pavel Intel i7 975 processor
8th Adam Leskovjan Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
9th Hendra Wijaya Intel i7 860 processor
10th Student Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

“With over 46,000 entries for the Futuremark P55 GIGABYTE OverclocKing competition, GIGABYTE is undoubtedly the motherboard of choice for users wanting to get the highest performance P55 platform,” commented Tim Handley, Deputy Director Marketing Division, GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. “We would like to thank Futuremark for running an amazing competition and especially thank all of the GIGABYTE P55 motherboard owners for submitting their truly impressive 3DMark scores.”

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Contestants competed to see who could achieve the highest 3DMark score, a benchmark program from Futuremark that measures the 3D gaming performance capabilities of PCs. 3DMark software has been downloaded more than 45 million times. The 3DMark Vantage edition is currently the world’s most popular benchmark and can be downloaded for free from the Futuremark website. http://www.futuremark.com/benchmarks/

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