Futuremark Announces New MSI/AMD Lightning VGA Overclocking Contest

March 1, 2010

Futuremark Announces New MSI/AMD Lightning VGA Overclocking Contest

Grand prize includes $1000 in cash, other prizes awarded in multiple categories by MSI, Enermax, GlacialTech, and Thermaltake

SARATOGA, CA – Feb 25, 2010 – Futuremark® Corporation today announced its first ever VGA overclocking contest for PC overclockers everywhere. Utilizing the current single chip record holder for VGA performance, the ATI R5870 graphic card, contestants worldwide will compete in two segments for prizes. This 4 week competition runs from Feb 25th to Mar 25th 2010.

Segment one, The R5870 Lightning Challenge, awards the top three 3DMark Vantage scorers using a single MSI R5870 Lightning VGA card in any system configuration. Segment two, The Precision Challenge, is a brand new precision based challenge where contestants using an ATI 4000 and 5000 series VGA card, compete to score a perfect pre-defined 3DMark number. Starting with 10,000 3DMarks as the target for the first week, each week will provide a new number to aim for.

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The grand prize in the R5870 Lightning Challenge is $1000 USD in cash. Additional prizes in the R5870 Lightning Challenge include MSI Big Bang Fuzion and Big Bang Trinergy motherboards. The Precision Challenge awards each week the first contestant to that week's target score an MSI R5870 Lightning graphics card. Additional prizes for second and third place include Thermaltake cases, Enermax Apollish fans and Enermax Gold MODU87 600 Watt power supplies. There is no limit to number of user score submissions. Weekly luck draw random winners awarded MSI R5770 Hawk VGA card and GlacialTech cooling products just for entering.

"The MSI VGA overclocking contest is very exciting for us," said Jukka Makinen, CEO of Futuremark, "Futuremark is now the place to go to for benchmark contests that bring the whole world to one place to compete."

"We’re delighted to be partnering with Futuremark to support MSI/AMD overclockers everywhere with our first ever ATI VGA overclocking competition," said Jason Lee, MSI's VGA Marketing Manager.

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