Hungribles™ Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer (iOS)

June 15, 2011

Hungribles™ Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer (iOS)

HELSINKI, FINLAND – June 15, 2011 – Futuremark® Games Studio has released a new trailer for Hungribles™, the skill shot puzzle game coming to iPhone® and iPad® this summer. Hungribles are tiny creatures with massive appetites. Their cravings are so powerful they can pull food through the air and into their waiting mouths. The new trailer, which introduces each of the Hungribles and is the first to show gameplay, can be found on the Hungribles website

Meet the Hungribles

Chops is always hungry. His powerful cravings pull food through the air and into his waiting mouth. Feed him a tasty orb and his tummy expands in delight.

Dibs' appetite is totally bi-polar, he's ravenous one minute, stuffed the next. Feeding him an orb triggers his mood swings.

One orb is never enough for Bonker. After eating an orb, his appetite shrinks. After a second orb, it disappears completely as he retreats inside his shell.

Izzy is shy and worries that his friends will find out his real name, Isambard. He's often asleep and prefers not to be disturbed, leaving just a small section of his shell open for feeding.

Ratt hates eating, and just about everything else too. Only tasty orbs can snap him out of his dark moods, but how do you feed him when he always pushes food away?

Puffee's charms have the other Hungribles in a spin. But when she lets out a puff it puts them right off their food, reversing the effect of all nearby hunger fields.

Booga loves sharing and helping others. When you feed him an orb he splits it in half and, with a mighty sneeze, shoots the two pieces out of his booga-nozzles.

Gameplay revealed

The aim of the game is to feed the Hungribles and make them happy. You do this by launching tasty orbs from a strange glowing mushroom slingshot, of course! Each Hungrible's appetite affects the path of the tasty orb as it flies across the screen. Feeding a Hungrible can also affect its behavior and the challenge comes from predicting the trajectory of each orb and figuring out the best feeding order.

Earn score bonuses by bouncing orbs off walls, curving them around Hungribles or hitting the Pot of Gold. Perfectionists can try to achieve a three star rating on every level. Compared to other physics-based puzzlers, in Hungribles there is more skill to aiming and the gravity inspired appetite effect is unique.

Hungribles is coming to iPhone and iPad this summer and is the first iOS title from Futuremark Games Studio.

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