Now you can test PC performance with Microsoft Office apps in PCMark 10

May 27, 2019

PCMark 10 benchmark

PCMark 10 is the latest version in our series of industry-standard PC benchmarks. With its wide range of tests, it is the complete benchmark for the modern office.

Today we're adding two new benchmark tests to PCMark 10 Professional Edition. In part 1 of this post, we introduced a better way to test the battery life of laptops and notebooks. Now, in part 2, we'll look at the new PCMark 10 Applications benchmark.

PCMark 10 Applications benchmark

Performance testing with Microsoft Office applications

Enterprise procurement managers and government IT buyers often like to test and compare PC performance with the work apps they use everyday.

The PCMark 10 Applications benchmark is a new test that is based on Microsoft Office applications. It helps you measure practical, real-world PC performance for the modern workplace.

  • The Word test covers typical word processing tasks for office workers. The test measures PC performance when opening, editing, and saving a document.
  • The Excel test measures PC performance for office spreadsheet tasks. The test features two scenarios: a simple, lightweight spreadsheet, and a heavier, power-user scenario.
  • The PowerPoint test covers common tasks when working with presentations. The test measures PC performance when editing an image-rich PowerPoint presentation.
  • The Edge test models common home and office browser use such as browsing websites, using social media, online shopping, viewing maps, and watching videos.

PCMark 10 Applications benchmark


To run the PCMark 10 Applications benchmark, you must have Windows 10 and Microsoft Office installed on the PC under test. The test is compatible with Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2019, and Microsoft Office 365.

The PCMark 10 Applications benchmark is compatible with the latest Always Connected PCs running Windows 10 on Arm, with results that are comparable with scores from traditional x86-based devices.

Available now

The PCMark 10 Applications benchmark is available now as a free update for customers with a valid annual license for PCMark 10 Professional Edition. 

For new customers, PCMark 10 Professional Edition starts at USD $1495 per year for a single seat license. Please contact us to request a quote.