Testing the OUYA with 3DMark

April 15, 2013

Shortly after we released 3DMark on the Google Play store, we were contacted by James Coote, developer of upcoming OUYA game Executive Star.

James was keen to try 3DMark on his OUYA dev kit, we were happy to help, and now we can share his results with you. Here's a video of James running 3DMark on his OUYA.

You can see how the OUYA compares with the latest Android smartphones and tablets in our 3DMark Best Mobile Devices list. And here are the OUYA's results in detail.

The OUYA is currently ranked #73 among Android devices for 3DMark Ice Storm, our new benchmark designed specifically for testing the performance of mobile hardware. Ice Storm is an OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark that uses a fixed off-screen rendering resolution of 720p before scaling the output to fit the native display resolution of the device. Ice Storm includes two graphics tests designed to stress the GPU performance of the device and a physics test to stress its CPU performance.

Designed for the latest smartphones and tablets, Ice Storm Extreme raises the rendering resolution to 1080p and uses higher quality textures and post-processing effects. The OUYA is currently ranked #71 for performance with 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme.

3DMark is a cross-platform benchmark for all your hardware. The Android edition of 3DMark includes everything you need to accurately benchmark the performance of Android smartphones and tablets. What's more, 3DMark scores can be compared across platforms. You can use 3DMark to test and compare the performance of devices running Android, iOS, Windows and Windows RT, and better understand how new devices compare with the alternatives.

3DMark benchmark is available from Google Play worldwide as a free download for Android devices.

3DMark is also available for Windows PCs and is coming soon to Apple iOS and Windows RT.

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