UL and Futuremark, the future of benchmarking

November 4, 2014

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From the day we started work on 3DMark99, we knew that partnerships would be central to our success. The relationships we built with leading technology companies over the years enabled our small company to become the world’s leading benchmark developer. Our software is now used throughout industry, by hundreds of press publications, and millions of gamers and overclockers. 

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership, one that will significantly strengthen Futuremark through increased investment in our people and products while protecting our independence and neutrality. 

We’re excited to tell you that Futuremark is now part of UL, a global safety science organization with more than a century of expertise and innovation in the fields of product safety testing, inspection and verification services. With more than 10,000 professionals in 40 countries, UL is dedicated to creating safe working and living environments for all.

UL partners with businesses, manufacturers, trade associations, regulatory authorities, and governments to play a key role in the development and harmonization of national and international standards. 

With UL investing in our people and products, we will be able to create more benchmarks with more features for more platforms. Our benchmarks will also benefit from UL’s labs, quality assurance, and marketing. But most important of all, we will continue making benchmarks with integrity within an organization that values neutrality as highly as we do. 

We invite you to read the official press release for further details and visit UL.com to learn more about their global services. Or drop in to our forums to ask us a question about this exciting news.