OPPO promises changes after 3DMark delisting

October 31, 2018

Two weeks ago we delisted two OPPO smartphones from our Best Smartphones list for breaking our rules governing benchmark detection and optimization. 

UL is committed to working with industry partners, and we have had open and productive conversations with OPPO before and after making our announcement.

Today, we are happy to announce that OPPO has decided to change its approach. Here is their statement.

OPPO Response to 3DMark Delisting 

"OPPO smartphones use different strategies to balance power and performance for common scenarios and mainstream application software. 

“To avoid unknown third-party applications maliciously consuming system resources, which may cause overheating and a significant drop in battery life, OPPO rejects unreasonable system resource requests to keep the phone's power consumption and temperature within an appropriate range.“

"We are transparent with the fact our system optimization strategy includes application software package name detection. However, package name detection is only one aspect of a multi-dimensional system optimization strategy that also detects frame rate, touch operations, file read/write operations, sound play, network usage, power consumption, temperature, and real-time CPU/GPU load. 

"OPPO appreciates UL Benchmark’s consideration in its benchmark tests and values its handset performance test results. We also respect the principles and standards upheld by UL Benchmarks in its performance tests. 

"We have decided to cancel the package name detection for benchmark utilities. In future, system resources will be allocated solely based on application request. We will also grant users access to the Performance Mode. 

"We sincerely appreciate the support from UL Benchmark and friends in the media with respect to benchmarking. Ultimately, together we believe we can deliver a better experience to users."

We would like to commend OPPO for its positive decision and actions. The OPPO Find X and OPPO F7 will remain delisted for now, but we are continuing our discussions with OPPO, and we hope to test updated devices in the near future.